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The Singletrack Shimano Archive

shimano xtr chainset

The name Shimano is probably the most famous brand name in all of cycling, this Japanese brand is simply ubiquitous throughout the industry.

On this page you can browse and access every Shimano story, article and review we’ve ever published that features this most iconic of brands.

Whether you are a 10 year old getting your first bike without stabilisers or a seasoned pro on a bike priced in five figures, it’s a safe bet that the words ‘Shimano’ will be found somewhere on your bike.

Formed in 1921 under the name Shimano Iron Works the ‘Big S’ has shaped the world of cycling with bike designers around the world basing their latest designs around what this giant of a company releases each year.

Each year the latest technological developments trickle down to the gear levels below, effectively meaning this year’s Shimano LX users are riding the technology of the XTR riders just a few years ago.

As big as the brand is there is competition from the likes of SRAM and Campagnolo.