Christmas Countdown Day 8 | Win Shimano MW701 Riding Boots

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It’s not the time to have cold feet, enter day 8 of the Singletrack Christmas Countdown for your chance to win Shimano MW701 winter riding boots!

christmas countdown day 8 win Shimano MW701 winter riding boots
Made for keeping your feet warm!

Today is day 8 of the Singletrack Christmas Countdown, and once again we’ve partnered with The prize that’s up for grabs today is a pair of winter-specific Shimano MW701 SPD riding boots, just the footwear for riding in when the weather is cold and wet.

The Shimano MW701 boot is designed to ensure your feet are warm and dry even in the most extreme weather conditions and come with all the features you would expect from a high-end winter riding boot.

christmas countdown day 8
Team Freeride.

Beneath the boot is a rugged tread that has been specially designed by rubber wizards, Michelin. The rugged winter tread is fitted to a weather-proof boot upper featuring high ankle protection and a lace guard to prevent water ingress.

Those of you wanting to buy a pair of Gore-Tex Shimano MW701 winter riding boots should head over to, but we would suggest taking a shot at winning a pair for free first and save yourself the £189.99 asking price.

As always we have prepared a video for you to watch and there is a question below based on what you’ve seen.

If you cannot see the question below then it’s because you’re not logged in. If you already have a Singletrack Account log in here, if not make one for FREE here.

The winner of day 7 was:

  • mgerrie

We will be in touch soon to arrange shipping of your prize!

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