shimano 220mm rotors

Shimano launch huge 220mm discs for 10% extra stopping power

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If you’re in the market for more powerful anchors then check out these oversized discs from Shimano.

Disc brakes are, in general, a very effective and powerful way of bringing your speed under control. Even a modest set of disc brakes provide plenty of power, and if they’re not snappy enough out of the box there are plenty of upgrades you can make to them to boost performance.

It’s usually a simple matter of banging in a pair of higher quality pads, or bolting on a set of larger discs, but what if you’re still left hankering for more power? What if you already run 203mm discs?

Well in all fairness larger discs have been available for a while already, but Shimano’s move into the world of big discs is probably the beginning of a new wave of massive stoppers. The launch of these 220mm rotors comes at the same time as updates to Shimano’s cargo bike and eMTB range, and while we expect DH riders to opt for the extra 10% of the power they claim to offer, we also expect those other users to find the extra safety quite tempting too.

Available in either 6 bolt or centre lock, the new 220mm rotors will need to be paired up with SM-MA-F220P / PM / PL2 / PL adaptors for them to fit your frame and fork. And because they’re just big rotors they’ll work with either 2 or 4 piston systems and should be quite a cost-effective upgrade to make to any bike.

Shimano says the new rotors will be available from around June.

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