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2 Bikes, 3000 Midges, 1 Puzzle | Fresh Goods Friday 510

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Fact: 3000 midges makes a meal for a bat. This means that on Tuesday night there was enough food in Todmorden to feed every bat on earth (this is also a fact, but we have no evidence aside from Amanda’s legs). Does everyone have that one friend that gets eaten alive on rides? And if so, would you ever admit to them that you stand close to avoid getting bitten yourself?

Singletrack Lockdown Jigsaw Puzzle.

  • Price: £24.99 (with discounts for members)
  • From: Singletrack

The Singletrack Merch Store is really rather busy nowadays. We have lots of new products such as tea towels, art prints, and mugs. New in this week, and to confirm the rumour that we are turning into one of those funny little gift shops that you find next to a waterfall in the highlands… we have the Singletrack Lockdown 1000 Piece Jigsaw puzzle.

Singletrack jigsaw

A thousand pieces is pretty damned big, with the current record for the fastest time being Tom The Tech with 10 hours and 41 minutes. Can you beat that time? The fact that a mountain bike magazine is suggesting you should join in something that appears to be a “jigsaw puzzle race” really does prove we are living in very odd times. Charlie

2021 Commencal Meta AM 29 Team

  • Price: €4,499
  • From: Commencal

Although on pre-sale you can’t actually get your hands on a 2021 Commencal Meta AM 29 until 14th August, that is unless you’re Andi though, who has done his best to pester the team at Commencal and ensure he got this one early. Sporting an all new chassis, suspension kinematics and the burly Zeb the new Meta is a lot of bike. First ride impressions from Andi have been good, the new bike offering more stability and feeling much calmer at speeds. Full review in the next few weeks.

SDG Thrice Grips

The Thrice grip from SDG comes in sizes to suit large or small hands. The thinner option is 31mm in diameter while the large grip is 33g. The grip pattern features a ribbed area for comfort and ramped ‘grabbers’ which help to keep your fingers in place. At £16.99 a pair they are a bargain, and they come in a variety of bright colours.

E*Thirteen Vario Dropper Post

The Vario dropper from E*Thirteen might look like your garden variety cable-actuated dropper but it has neat travel adjustment feature. E*Thirteen offers the Vario in 2 versions one which can be adjusted from 120-150mm and the one pictured which adjusts from 150-180mm. The drop can be adjusted in 5mm increments so that you can dial the dropper in so that it works perfectly for you and your bike. We’ve yet to test it out, but we’re interested to test what 20% less compression force feels like on the trail.

E*Thirteen Vario Dropper Post Lever

E*Thirteen has a couple of different dropper post levers to choose from but the Vario 1x offers a few more adjustments and mounting options. It’s a cable lever so it will work with any cable dropper post and with 3 clamp mounting holes and Matchmaker compatibility it should be a versatile option for cockpit perfectionists.

Miranda Shimano E8000 eMTB crank arms

If you want a set of crank arms for a Shimano STEPS motor then you can either buy Shimano’s or…. these. Miranda’s STEPS crank arms will work on E6100, E7000 and E8000 motors and come in a range of lengths (150mm, 155mm, 160mm, 165mm, 170mm). Andi will be fitting these to his eMTB and giving them a good motoring.

Intense Sniper T Pro

The ‘T’ stands for trail, which means that this, the slickest, lightest and fastest of Intense’s full suspension bikes comes with 120mm of travel front and rear. New for this year is a secondary chain/seatstay bridge to stiffen up the back end and set the bike up better for hard riding – whether that’s under pedal power or gravity assist. Look for this in a bike test later this year.

Oakley Crossrange Trail Glasses with a hectic prescription

Our Amanda was sporting a (rather pathetic) black eye earlier this week after clipping her nose with a tree branch. Anyone that has ridden with her, or in the vicinity of her, will have been hearing “I CAN’T SEE” for the past 5 months or so. Well, being limited to full frames, no wrap arounds, and no goggles with her awkward prescription, she is very happy to have treated herself to some new Oakleys with the trail lens finish. High definition trails! The frames come with replacement arms and nose goobers.

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Now, here’s a real treat for you all. Chipps stumbled across possibly the greatest choreography of all time and promises to recreate it for you if we get 1000 more subscriptions before Christmas.

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