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Buyers Guide to Mountain Bike Shoes for Big Feet

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We point you at decent mountain bike shoes for big feet. If you are looking for mountain bike shoes in size 12, 13 and even 14… read on.

Having big feet is bloody annoying, and if you are reading this you are no doubt fully aware of this.

big shoe Mountain Bike Shoes for Big Feet

Me and my big feet

I am a size 13UK and have been since I was 13 years old. My age matched my shoe size from about 10 years old. Whilst this made for a zinger of a comeback when teachers would tell me to “act your age – not your shoe size”, it was not only incredibly inconvenient, but also very expensive.

I would make long train journeys into central London to buy hike boots, or Nike Air Jordans for skateboarding in. I recall these cost £45 in 1985 and that was a shed load of pocket money for a 13 year old.

When mountain biking started we rode in our skate shoes or hike boots (with toe clips and straps), but back then we had zero choice for mountain specific shoes. However, we are now spoilt for choice… or are we?

If you have big feet you still have to look hard to find big shoes.

charlie's foot Mountain Bike Shoes for Big Feet

How to Find Big Cycling Shoes

Finding big shoes for a cyclist is not easy. Many manufacturers will make a big size, but the regional distributor wont stock them for exactly the same reason the local bike shop doesn’t carry big size stock. Apparently there is no demand.

Back in 1984 in a small shoe shop my father asked the shopkeeper “but why don’t you have a size 13 for my small son?” (I was about 6 foot and towered over the shopkeeper). The shopkeeper explained, “there is no demand”, and at this point in our well polished shopkeeper intimidation routine, I would lean over and say in an attempt at a menacing voice “I demand them!”

Local bike shop

You are no doubt already familiar with the local bike shop dude explaining “No we don’t keep that size in stock” as he looks down at your feet with a strange look on his face. For convenience I always assume this is a look of respect, despite them muttering “****ing ‘ell” under their breath. This is often swiftly followed by “but we can order them in”. Please give your LBS a chance. Also, if the big footed people never ask for big shoes, the LBS will still believe that no one is bigger than a size 11 and never hold any big stock.


Isn’t the internet great? Yeah but no. Internet shops have the same stock issues your LBS has. If you can find the shoe you want, in your size, use a reliable online retailer that actually has the stock and has easy returns. Don’t go browsing through the website gazing at huge variety of shoes in a rainbow of magnificent colours without first clicking the size filter. For once you have set the filter to size 13 you will be able to gaze upon the solitary shoe in your size, normally in black only.

I would avoid buying from outside the UK. You know, exotic places like Germany and Belgium, because post Brexit you will catch import duty, VAT, and shipping costs. If the shoes are not a good fit or you have a warranty issue you will have expensive return shipping costs and additional paperwork.

Barcode search

Every product in the world has a unique product code know as a UPC, EAN or GTIN number. It’s the digits found under a barcode. If you know what the UPC for a size 13 thingy shoe in the “dusty radberry” colour is, then you can search online. Some manufacturers list the UPC codes publicly, but many don’t. A polite email to the manufacturer or distributor can get you the code. Throw that code into a normal google search, then a google “shopping” search, and finally google “images” and you may find what you are looking for. You will go down many dead ends, but it can work.

But let Singletrack do the shoe hunting for you. Here is a round up of plus sized mountain biking shoes in flat, clipped in and winter variations.

Flat Pedal Shoes for Big Feet:

Note: Try not to get too excited by the usual shopping links below, the links generated don’t factor in available shoe sizes (sorry about that, it is annoying yes). But, who knows, you could be lucky. Worth a clicksee…

hellion flat shoes Mountain Bike Shoes for Big Feet

Ride Concepts Hellion Elite

Ride concepts make this shoe up to a UK14, and Silverfish keep stock up to a UK13, in black only. The big guys don’t get the rather tasty yellow or red, they save those for the people with silly little feet (OK, the other colours are stocked up to a UK12).

fiveten trail cross flat shoe for big feet

Five Ten Trailcross XT

  • Price: £140
  • Size up to: UK14.5
  • From: Adidas

Now we are talking turkey, God bless Five Ten. The beautiful people at Five Ten list this as available in a UK 14.5. In fact they list 32 different shoes in a UK 14.5. Click here to see the full range of big shoes. What’s more, they hint at even bigger shoes. You see their size chart goes to a whopping great UK19!

Mountain Bike Shoes for Big Feet

Five Ten Freerider Canvas

  • Price: £90
  • Size up to: UK14.5
  • From: Adidas

The classic Freerider from Five Ten. Again available up to a UK 14.5, at a very reasonable price. These really are the go to shoe for many large footed mountain bikers.

Shimano GR5 (GR501)

  • Price: £79.99
  • Size up to: 48
  • From: Freewheel

Maxing out at a rather weenie Euro48 (UK12) these only just sneak into this round up of big mountain bike shoes. They are a great value and well built pair of shoes, and also what I wear in the summer months with a thin sock. Despite being only a 12 they are quite a generous fit.

Specialized 2FO Roost Flat

Topping out in a size 49, which Specialized say is a UK13, these shoes come in not one, but four colours. And right now Specialized have stock of all four in size 49.

Clipless Pedal Shoes for Big Feet:

Mountain Bike Shoes for Big Feet

Ride Concepts Hellion Clip

The clipped in version of the Hellion shoe. Ride concepts make this shoe up to a UK14, and Silverfish keep stock up to a UK13, in black only. If you are a UK12 they have other colour options. The Velcro strap makes for a good fit and a more efficient clipped in experience. Plus no one likes snagging their laces in their chain.

shimano cyclist xc100 shoe for big feet

Shimano XC1 (XC100)

  • Price: £89.99
  • Size up to: 50
  • From: Freewheel

If you are the kind of rider that wants to go fast, needs a stiff sole, doesn’t stop at the pub, and loves a flat bar and that free feeling only a skinsuit can give you. Then Shimano have several XC shoes in a size 50 (UK14). Beyond XC racing I have found shoes like these are preferable to a road bike shoe when on a road bike. The recessed cleat means you can actually walk into a cafe.

Five Ten Trailcross Pro Clip-In

  • Price: £180
  • Size upto 14.5
  • from: Adidas

The clipped in variation of the Trailcross is available up to a size uk14.5 and in several colours. At the time of writing they have one single pair left in olive. The BOA keeps things snug and the neoprene ankle cuff keeps the trail debris out.

Mountain Bike Shoes for Big Feet cyclist specialized

Specialized Recon 1.0

A classic clipped in shoe, in a rather cool oak green, and available up to a size 49 (UK13). Specialized offer other colours, but they are either not made in a 49 (48s are available), or sold out.

Winter Mountain Bike Shoes for Big Feet:

45NRTH Ragnarok

  • Price: £195
  • Size up to: Euro50
  • From: Bikemonger

45NRTH know a thing or two about cold weather cycling. They make 2 other boots, one is good for -18c, and the other -31c! The shoe here is rated for -3c. They go up to a size 50, which I found equates to about UK13 as I found the 48s too narrow. Hannah reviewed these clipped in boots a few years ago: read the full review of the 45NTH Ragnarok boots.

Five Ten Traillcross Gore-Tex

  • Price: £160
  • Size up to: UK 14.5
  • From: Adidas UK
goretex trailcross

These are really a shoe with a snug neoprene ankle gasket, rather than a boot. They are also my personal choice for flat pedal winter mountain biking. After a year they are still warm and waterproof, with the Gore-Tex doing it clever differentially permeable membrane thing. The UK13.5 is slightly roomy on my size 13 feet, but that gives me room for winter socks. Read our full review of the Adidas Five Ten Trailcross Gore-Tex.

Shimano MW5 (MW501) Dryshield

  • Price: £139.99
  • Size up to: 48
  • From: Freewheel
shimano winter shoe for big feet cyclist

The MW5 is a clipped in winter shoe that goes up to a size 48 (UK 12). DRYSHIELD membrane with a fleece liner keeps your feet warm and comfortable in rain, wind, cold and mud.

What else is out there?

If you know of other big mountain bike shoes, don’t keep it a secret. Share your knowledge in the comments below.

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  • Buyers Guide to Mountain Bike Shoes for Big Feet
  • MSP
    Full Member

    I usually take a euro size 50, I used to crush my feet into shoes that were too small for me as I just got by with what was available. Being able to order from manufacturer websites has brought more options, but that means rarely getting a deal, and most inflate the RRP so that the retailers can look like they are discounting, so those of us with clown feet end up paying the inflated prices for our inflated feet.

    A few years ago I started wearing “foot shaped” shoes in everyday life, and as my feet and toes have regained their natural shape buying cycling shoes has become an even greater problem.

    Lake should be on the list as I find they are generally available in lager sizes and wider fittings, best of the bunch IMO but still far from ideal.

    I also sometimes have to order from the US, it can be worth doing a search on the or I occasionally use an importing service as I think some manufacturers don’t allow parallel imports through the supply chain.

    Full Member

    Charliedontsurf, a good article and a subject that has bugged me for years. I’ve made do with the same pair of Specialized BG SPD shoes for commuting, road and MTB duties for years because I had been unable to find anything more comfortable. They are slowly dying a death and will soon need replacing, so the suggestions here are perfectly timed. Luckily I found a pair of road shoes last year that fitted, so only need to get something for normal SPD pedals now.

    As for 5:10, fully agree. If you can find a pair that fit well, buy two. They may be for flat pedals, but the extra sole and grip makes the Primeblue pair I have really good for skydiving.

    Free Member

    Like MSP, what I really want it a shoe that’s shaped like a natural foot.

    Free Member

    My podiatrist tells me to cut my toenails straight across and not rounded 🙄

    Full Member

    It’s not the length it’s the girth that gives me issues. My feet to all intents are square…

    Full Member

    Popped to the LBS yesterday as I was fed up with random sizing issues and tried on some RC shoes. I’d temper my enthusiasm for their large sizes as they seemed to come up small for a given size. I went for the Freerider Pros prime blue if anyone’s interested… 😉

    Full Member

    UK 12 here. The Trailcross GTX is the best flat pedal MTB shoe ever made. Runs a 1/2 size big.

    Full Member

    UK size 13 here, I’m usually on the hunt for a new pair of MTB shoes every 2 years. The constant frustration of trying to get anything over a size 11! Another issue is that a fair number of MTB-specific shoes are slightly undersized, e.g. if I go for a pair of 5 10’s I need to go up to a 13.5 to get the right fit.

    Full Member

    Only a paltry UK12 here but I have found the Endura MT500 Burner spd shoes work well…I went and bought a second pair while they were £65. Winter time is Shimano MW701 and had no problems finding Uk12 sizes around.

    Full Member

    For those with wide feet, and where your toes are largely all in line at the end.  I’ve found the Lake offerings – with their wide last (so a proper wide shoe not just the same small width sole but more baggy fabric bear the end) – have worked well.  Basically they seem to not cut off the little toe side of the shoe off at an angle in the way many others do – so your small toe side is less prone to being crushed than with specialized or Shimano (and Italian shoes which seem to be the WORST).

    I’m able to be a size or even 2 sizes smaller with the Lake wide shoes than anything else I had / have (my Shimano winter boots are 2 full sizes longer to get my foot in, using the same socks).

    Full Member

    Five Ten Freerider links to Wiggle, CRC and Tweeks all link to ranges that stop at size 12 or 12.5. Great for revenue generating cookies. Less good as part of a Buyers Guide to Mountain Bike Shoes for Big Feet.

    Full Member

    This from the article…

    Note: Try not to get too excited by the usual shopping links below, the links generated don’t factor in available shoe sizes (sorry about that, it is annoying yes). But, who knows, you could be lucky. Worth a clicksee…

    Full Member

    I see Specialized shoes mentioned – keep in mind that they size up a bit smaller than Shimano or Northwave, half to a full size in some models. I’m a I am a euro 49 and it is slim pickings for SPD shoes.

    Full Member

    Etnies go up to size 14 in some of their mtb shoes. I have a pair of Semenuk Pros and my tiny size 11s are true to size (and damn good).

    Full Member

    Long suffering UK Size 13 here. Recently replaced my battered 5 10s (pre adidas) with Crank Bros Boas also in a 13. The fit feels pretty similar.

    I can also recommend Lakes as they go up to a size 50 across their ranges (although ive only used their road shoes).

    Full Member

    Good to see this article & thanks for the comments, too.

    As someone who doesn’t quite fit into a Euro size 50 (I need a 51 wide-fit), & having tried the likes of Lake (even in their longest & widest fit/last) & others in vain, I’ve relied on Sidi Dominators (& more recently Sidi Eagles) in 51 wide fit (wide=’Mega’ fit in Sidi-speak) for the past twenty or so years, where they actually made up to a 52 Mega …

    … until a couple of years ago that is, when Sidi stopped making any MTB/CX/gravel shoes in anything bigger than a 50 in the wide fit!

    After years of searching, I had thought that that Sidi model in a 51 Mega was literally the only clipless shoe from any manufacturer that fitted me.

    So, as I now try to eke a long life out of the couple of pairs of Sidis that I have left, I was recently intrigued to see that Shimano do in fact do the XC3 / XC300 in up to a 52 wide.

    The XC3 seems to be the biggest Shimano go in a shoe, & is now, I think, the only off-the-shelf clipless shoe in size 51 or 52 (& in wide fit) from any manufacturer.

    If anyone knows of any other wide-fit size 51 clipless shoes then I’m all ears! 😀

    Not that I have the cash for it, but there are ‘full-custom’ bespoke-sized shoes out there such as those from Bont, plus some independent shoe builders like Lamson in the US – the shoe is built specifically to your foot measurements … but expect to take out a mortgage to buy a pair! 😞

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