Wolf Tooth Resolve Dropper Post review

The Wolf Tooth Resolve dropper does away with the usual IFP arrangement, that can leak air into oil, and promises to never get squishy.

Magura Vyron MDS V3 Wireless Dropper review

The \"Magura Vyron MDS V3\" stands for Magura Dropper Seatpost Version 3. I\'m afraid I\'ve not really taken to the Magura Vyron experience. Read on...

OneUp Dropper Post V2 240mm

OneUp Dropper Post V2 240mm review

The dropper was born, and progression was made. And now we have this – a OneUp Dropper Post V2 240mm with a frankly enormous drop. Pros Cons There are a...

RockShox Reverb AXS Seatpost Review

This review is for a RockShox Reverb AXS seatpost, 31.6mm post diameter with 170mm travel. It has been transferred between bikes and had the saddle changed quite frequently, so the...

Ultimate Vybe GR Suspension Seatpost – Active When You Need It

The Ultimate Vybe GR suspension seatpost has 50mm of tuneable, vertical active travel to absorb bumps and rough terrain.  Things I liked: Things I would change: When you order the...

Vario Dropper Post

E*13 Vario Dropper Post review – an adjustable dropper on the go!

The E*13 Vario dropper post offers smooth action and simple travel change in a durable package. The dropper post has been around for decades. Even before it became a must-have...

DT Swiss 232 ONE – The All New XC Suspension Platform

DT Swiss launches the new 232 ONE XC Suspension Platform: fork, shock and dropper post, for tough XC performance. When DT Swiss decided to launch an all new suspension platform...

fsa flowtron dropper post

Longterm Review | FSA Flowtron Dropper Post

After six months of testing, James Vincent delivers us his verdict of the FSA Flowtron dropper post Which has revolutionised trail riding more; 1x drivetrains or dropper posts? Now there’s...

funn dropper updown st recommended

ST Recommended | The Funn UpDown dropper post only lets you down when you want it to!

A few years ago, it seemed as if dropper posts were expensive disposable items. With a bit of luck you’d get 12 months use out of them, before something would...

PNW loam lever review

Review: PNW Component’s Loam Lever Upgrades Your ‘Good’ Dropper Post To a ‘Great’ One

We’re a varied bunch here at Singletrack Towers. We have riders who prefer carbon and others who prefer steel. Some of us ride on flat pedals and others ride clipped...

bikeyoke revive dropper post

Review: This 185mm long Revive dropper post from BikeYoke is better than the original

Shortly after the original BikeYoke Revive dropper post was introduced, we tested and reviewed one. Full of promise with its super-slick action and clever IFP-free hydraulic internals, it wasn’t without...

SDG Tellis dropper review

SDG Tellis Dropper Post First Look Review

We’re told it’s taken two years of development, and 120 test units out in the field, but SDG is now ready to release its first ever dropper seatpost. The SDG...

rockshox reverb wolf tooth remote sustain lever dropper post

Review: Convert Your RockShox Reverb With The Wolf Tooth ReMote Sustain

We’ve already become fans of Wolf Tooth Components’ brilliant ReMote dropper post lever, though it’s now available in a kit to convert a RockShox Reverb dropper post too. To test...

magura vyron dropper post wireless electronic

Review: Magura’s updated Vyron is the easiest dropper post in the world to install, and it’s better than the original too

Magura first announced the Vyron wireless dropper post in 2015 at Eurobike, and it’s been on the market for a couple of years now. We’d already tested the original, though...

crank brothers highline dropper post

ST Recommended: Crank Brothers Goes For Mega Reliability With The 160mm Travel Highline Dropper Post

With 160mm of travel, the Crank Brothers Highline is one of the most reliable dropper posts we\'ve ever tested

specialized command wu dropper post enduro

Review: This Specialized Command WU Seatpost Drops And Tilts Too! But Is That A Good Thing™?

The Command WU dropper post has 150mm of \'effective\' travel, but just how effective is the tilting saddle on the trail? Check out Ben\'s review here

syncros dropper post

Syncros Raises The Game By Lowering The Price For Entry With The Dropper 2.0 – Review

And you can get it with 120mm or 150mm of travel, and it isn\'t just for 1x setups.

cane creek dropt remote lever dropper post

Install The Cane Creek Dropt And Improve Your Ride – Review

We test & review the ergonomic, and very adjustable Cane Creek Dropt lever

Carbon Exotica – This 175mm Travel KS LEV Ci Is The Most Expensive Dropper Post We Have Ever Reviewed

Using a carbon fibre outer tube, the KS LEV Ci promises to be one of the lightest dropper posts on the market.

fox transfer dropper post

Review: This Fox Transfer Is Our Favourite Dropper Post Right Now

It might not have the gold Kashima Coat, but the Performance Series version of the Fox Transfer dropper post is still a flawless performer.

whyte t130 longterm test bike wil magura wtb wheel praxis mrp koryak 1x11 maxxis funn

Review: Less Than £200 Gets You This PRO Koryak Dropper Post

Shimano-owned PRO gave us a sub-£200 Koryak dropper post to test. Does it work? Is it reliable? Where am I? Wil answers your burning questions.

Review: Wolf Tooth Components ReMote

If you own a cable-activated dropper post, the Wolf Tooth ReMote could be the best upgrade you ever make.

Bike Yoke Revive 160 dropper post review

Review: BikeYoke Revive Dropper Post

After a few months of riding in muddy slop, does the Revive Dropper post still function in a buttery manner?

Review: Thomson Elite Covert Dropper Post

Is the Thomson Elite Covert dropper post worth the pennies? Chipps has been testing one to find out - full review within

Review: Specialized Command IRCC Dropper Post

Hannah tests and reviews the Command IRCC dropper post from Specialized as part of our 10-way dropper post group test

Review: Magura Vyron elect Wireless Dropper Post

Magura jumps head-first into the dropper game with a wireless electronic jobber called the Vyron. How did it fare in a British winter? James tells all

Review: RockShox Reverb Stealth Dropper Post

Is the latest RockShox Reverb the best dropper post on the market? Barney notches up 15 months aboard his to deliver us his longterm review

Review: KS LEV Integra Dropper Post

The KS LEV dropper post has been around since 2011, and has been refined since then. So how does the latest stack up to the competition? Full review within

Review: Funn UpDown Dropper Post

The UpDown is the first dropper post to come from Funn Components. With a sealed cartridge and external routing, it promises reliability and easy servicing

Review: Fox Transfer Dropper Post

The Fox Transfer is entirely new compared to the old D.O.S.S dropper post. But is it better? Chipps notches up 12 months of testing to find out