Issue 74 Bike Test Commencal Meta AM

Throwback Thursday: 140-150mm Trail Bikes

Bike Test: Commençal Meta AM 2, Ghost AMR Plus Lector 7700, and Mondraker Foxy R. What did we think?

June 30th, 16 0 51 Categories: News, throwback thursday

You're being watched.

Nico360 Brings 360-Degree Video To The Rest of Us

Would You Buy the World’s Smallest 3D Action Cam for £111?

June 29th, 16 0 730 Categories: Kit, News

Cyclotron Decals

WTF: Cyclotron Sells the Future- TODAY!

The future is spokeless

June 29th, 16 6 1,574 Categories: Kit, News

Performing a jockey service

Mud-friendly Jockey Wheels from Gevenalle

Jockeys ride horses, don’t they?

June 29th, 16 4 2,906 Categories: News

Matching without being overly matchy

Lightest Available? 2017 Cross-Country Models from Scott

849g hardtails? 1,749g full-sussers? Must be XC Time.

June 29th, 16 1 7,795 Categories: News

Olsen Lamb Side Closer

The Perfect British Bicycle? Olsen Belt-Drive Bicycles

Made for muck: Stainless, Carbon, Gearboxes, and Belts

June 29th, 16 10 4,024 Categories: Kit, News


Hell Freezes Over, Cotic releases thru-axle BFe model

First it went 27.5in (in addition to the 26in) and now the BFe has lost its QR wheels and gained thru-axles!

June 29th, 16 2 4,141 Categories: News


WTB Enters the gravity world with the new Convict

Here’s a dedicated downhill tyre from Wilderness Trail Bikes

June 28th, 16 1 2,928 Categories: News

Jenn silenced more than a few blokes on her Cotic

Ard Rock Enduro Announces Jenn Hill Trophy For Hardtails

Fastest hardtail riders get their name on a special trophy in memory of Jenn and her hardtail ways. And here’s a picture of the trophy

June 28th, 16 6 7,154 Categories: applenews, News

Rocky Mountain Element 2017

Rocky Mountain Launches Element 2017

If you’re eyeing up the XC offerings for next year, here’s another to add to the mix.

June 28th, 16 1 5,363 Categories: News

ginger bread

Top 12 ‘Ordinary’ Trail Foods

Jaffa Cakes, Malt Loaf, Pork Scratchin’s? Are these really ‘better’ energy foods for out on the trail? Sanny thinks so.

June 27th, 16 13 6,503 Categories: Online Feature, WTF


Ellsworth launches the Rogue Sixty

Carbon Ellsworthness for all your hard trail riding and enduro needs

June 26th, 16 13 7,297 Categories: News

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