The Kids Are Alright – The Riders of The Future

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Shimano teamed up with Cam McCaul to look at what made him a rider, and the mountain bikers of the future. There’s an emphasis on play, a good dose of dirt jumping, and a disregard for fear that many of us will wish we still retained (if we ever had it).

It brings home the point that a place to play, that kids can get to under their own steam, is really important. Lockdown seems to have produced a flurry of diggers in the woods – and with it more conflict with other land users. Perhaps it’s time for adults to help make sure that kids like these have spaces to play on their doorstep – urban bike parks, local pump tracks, even sanctioned dig spots?

Shimano Kids
Shimano Kids

And what does the kind of riding we’re seeing these kids do mean for the future of mountain biking? The video shows a mix of NICA style XC racing and freeride back flipping. Do we care – or are we just glad they’re out on bikes?

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    Don’t care. As I believe Brant Richards once said “it’s all bikes, it’s all good”

    Kids should be outside playing & exploring. All the better if it’s on bikes!
    Let them sack off the cotton wool & bubble wrap and enjoy a few risks, it’s all part of growing (but not necessarily growing up 🙂 ).

    It’s such a shame the 2 local fields to me that kids used to regularly go & ride round, build jumps and generally have fun in have all been sold for building in the last few years.

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