Merida One-Twenty 700 first ride review

The latest Merida One-Twenty boosts the travel to 130mm and uses P-FLEX suspension system for simple and light performance.

Cannondale Habit 3 review

The Cannondale Habit 3 has all the potential in the world to be a steadfast pedal pal for years to come. It\'s not just good value. It\'s a great investment.

cotic rocketmax 4 2023

Cotic RocketMAX Gen 4 long term review

The Cotic RocketMAX Gen 4 is the brand\'s flagship big travel bruiser. Made-in-UK steel front triangle with 160mm of Droplink rear travel.

norco fluid fs a1

Norco Fluid FS A1 Review: The Metal Messiah

When this Norco Fluid FS A1 arrived at STW HQ, I said \"Hurray for metal trail bikes. Especially metal trail bikes with decent geometry.\"

Orange Stage 7 LE Review: A Jaffa Smasha

The Orange Stage 7 LE is the latest bike from the Halifax metal masters to feature the brand\'s new Strange Power Link system.

Motorhead-To-Head: E-Bike Test

Benji takes his iron fist of judgement to three full-power e-bikes with three very different motors.

Canyon Strive:ON CFR

Canyon Strive:ON CFR review

The Canyon Strive:ON is a very modern e-bike. You can tell this by its downtube alone. It is flipping massive. Eye-catching bulging belly.

Haibike Nduro 7

Haibike Nduro 7 review

The Haibike Nduro 7 is a big travel, full-power e-bike with 180mm of suspension front and rear and 85Nm of torque from a Yamaha PW-X3 motor

Marin Alpine Trail E1

Marin Alpine Trail E1 review

The Marin Alpine Trail E1 has a 160mm travel X-Fusion Trace 36 RC air-sprung fork up front and a RockShox Super Deluxe R coil sprung rear.

Scott Genius ST 900 Tuned

Scott Genius ST 900 Tuned review

This Scott Genius ST 900 Tuned is the most Scott-ish Scott we’ve seen for quite some time. A race bike for those who like to not-race.

Double Yer Money Hardtails: Bike Test

Hardtails are not just for winter, and mountain bikes don’t have to be expensive. Benji looks at what your money can get you.

Voodoo Braag

Voodoo Braag Review

The Voodoo Braag is an exercise in seeing how low you can go with price while still ticking sufficient ‘proper mountain bike’ boxes.

Merida Big Trail 400

Merida Big Trail 400 Review

The Merida Big Trail 400 may not have some of the more boutique brands’ bits bolted to it, but it has absolutely nailed the essentials.

Trek Procaliber 9.6

Trek Procaliber 9.6 Review

Sure, you can ride the Trek Procaliber 9.6 whenever and wherever you like but the raison d’être of this bike is to perform between race tape.

Merlin Malt 725 Steel SLX Hardtail Review

Merlin Malt 725 Steel hardtail, a great choice for the long distance cyclist after a reliable bike to travel long distances on.

Revel Rail29

Revel Rail29 X01 Eagle Review

The Revel Rail29 is the flagship of the brand\'s stable. More popular in 29in than 27.5in; designed for the technical mountains of Colorado.

Production Privée Shan No5

Production Privée Shan No5 review

The Production Privée Shan No5 will also accept 27.5in wheels too but you’ll need to swap the shock yoke to make the conversion.

Pipedream Cycles The Full Moxie review

Pipedream Cycles The Full Moxie is a 4130 CroMo, single pivot, full suspension bike that can be run as a 29er, 650b or mullet.

GT Sensor ST Carbon Pro: First Ride Review

The GT Sensor ST Carbon Pro is a reminder of how capable modern trail bikes are, especially if you get the geometry at such perfect balance.

Pivot Firebird 29 Ride SLX/XT Air review

The Pivot Firebird 29 utilises DW-link suspension offering 165mm of travel, and is paired with a 170mm travel Fox 38 Performance fork.

New Propain Tyee: first ride review

The new Propain Tyee is an evolution of the previous Tyee. Which may not make for most exciting news but does make for a similarly fun ride.

best enduro mountain bikes

160mm Bike Test: Brit Boxed Burly Bikes

What do you do with three bikes that are hard to pigeonhole? You ride them, a lot, and enjoy it.

bird aeris 9

Bird Aeris 9 review

The Bird Aeris 9 is a 160mm travel full suspension 29er made out of aluminium. Designed, specced and assembled in Britain.

Privateer 161 GX review

4-bar is one of the oldest designs in biking (hey, it clearly works), so it was always the geometry that was the USP of the Privateer 161 GX.

Saracen Ariel 60 Pro review

Despite the rolling of years, changes in wheel size options, suspension technology improvements, the Ariel 160 Pro remains true to its origins.

Transition Smuggler

Transition Smuggler: First Ride Review

Tim Wild gets a sneak ride on the new Transition Smuggler before its UK release. Snozberry Spectacular! The bike is due for release in the UK through Windwave in early…

Ibis Mojo 4

Ibis Mojo 4 review

The Ibis Mojo makes a great case for the validity of the 27.5 trail bike, with a nimble, poppy bike that’s happy to take on anything.

WHY 2K? Full-suspension bikes under £2000 test

Benji and Rhys look at the world of £2k full suspension bikes. Can a good ride be had at this price?

Revel Rascal

Revel Rascal XT Build review

The Revel Rascal XT Build is a good-looking, playful machine that will back you up when the going gets tough, whether that’s uphill or down.

Boardman MTR 8.9

Boardman MTR 8.9 review

The Boardman MTR 8.9 has an awful lot going for it.The cover of this book may look 2013, but it reads just in 2023.