Top 10 Most Read Singletrack Stories of 2019 | Hacks, reviews, and tech

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With another year behind u, we delve into data to bring you the 10 most read Singletrack Stories of 2019!

This will be a Top Of The Pops style Top 10 starting with the 10th most read and ending with the number 1 most read Singletrack story of the year. Any ideas what it could be?

10. Review | 2020 Specialized Fuze Comp 29

  • Author: Wil Barrett

Wil tested this affordable hardtail from Specialized and it looks like you’re all fans of aggressive, hardtails 29ers …. of course, you are.

9. How To ‘Fix’ Your Spongy Reverb Dropper Post In Under 2 Minutes

  • Author: Hannah Dobson

Hannah discovered this super simple and fast fix to get your spongy Reverb back to health again. It’s by no means a permanent fix, but to get you out on your bike for a quick ride then this helpful hack is good to know.

8. You can buy this alloy full-suspension bike for just £229.20

  • Author: Andi Sykes

We’re all suckers for a bargain, so when Andi uncovered a full-suspension bike for less than £250 then you all took notice. Sure it’s not the most modern and if you don’t live in the U.S you can’t buy one, but it’s still a very good looking bike for the money.

7. The £17,000+ mountain bike

  • Author: Andi Sykes

On the other side of the coin, we all like to have our minds blown by the most expensive products we could lay our hands-on. In this article, Andi picked out the most expensive components on the market to produce a mountain bike that costs more than £17,000. This article was so popular that Red Bull even reached out to us to see if they could poach Andi to write a version for them!

6. 14 Knee Pads Tested & Reviewed

  • Author: Wil Barett

If we’re not being wowed by the prices of bikes and components, then we’re worrying about knee safety! This knee pad review tested 14 pairs of the best knee pads on the market.

5. The Future of Mountain Biking Isn’t in the Mountains

  • Author: Antony de Heveningham

In this online feature, Antony explained that he believes that the future of mountain biking isn’t necessarily connected to natural riding spots and mountains, but to new urban riding developments such as Leeds Urban Bike Park.

4. Sick Bicycles – Are Things As Bad As They Sound?

  • Author: Hannah Dobson

So you thought you could make it to 2020 without reading about Sick? Well, sorry but the bike brand that disappeared made it to our most-read of the year. It’s hardly surprising once you read the story that Hannah pieced together.

3. Stan’s & Hope Respond To Shimano Micro Spline

  • Author: Wil Barrett

A new standard of cassette fitment isn’t really something you would expect to break the internet for a day, but when Wil spoke to Stans and Hope about Microspline you guys really got involved!

2. 12 Huge Cassettes For 1x Drivetrains That Aren’t Shimano Or Sram

  • Author: Wil Barrett

Large range, 12-speed cassettes was a popular topic in 2019. Not only did Shimano make it’s 12 speed systems widely available, but many 3rd party manufacturers launched their own 12-speed options and many at lower prices than either Shimano or SRAM.

1. The new Shimano BT-E8035 integrated battery is set to reshape e-Bike design

  • Author: Andi Sykes

And the most read article of 2019, is perhaps the least sexy of them all. As much as they divide us, it looks like you are all interested in reading about e-Bikes and especially e-Bike batteries!

Shimano’s release of the integrated 8035 battery was shockingly the most-read story of the year!

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