Video: A Dog’s Tale by Shimano

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Dogs or cats? Clips or flats? Pineapple and ham or pepperoni? There are a few topics of conversation bound to cause such division, and trail dogs is one of them.

Some of you will view this with a tear in your eye and a happy heart, thinking of your own trailside furry best friend. Others will view this with anxiety, horror, and perhaps even anger, thinking of all those close calls you’ve had with a trailside pair of teeth.

Maybe you love trail dogs but don’t like this video – if you’ve had an overdose of kids’ TV or films of late you may find the dog internal monologue a little much. Maybe you love dogs, but not on the trail. Maybe cats are more your thing. Trail cat anyone?

Where are you on the trail dog debate? Express yourself in our quick poll, or in the comments.

Are trail dogs...
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Comments (1)

    Speaking as someone who crashed earlier in the year partly due to a dog* I am on edge when I see them charging down the trails.

    I love dogs and I think it may be my strong desire not to hurt one that puts me on edge… but that translates into paying more attention to where a dog is in relation to me and less attention to where I am heading. Result: inevitable.

    *partly due to running out of talent when I did drag my focus back to the trail

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