Litelok X1: Angle grinder resistance for peace of mind

The Litelok X1 was launched amid much social media and YouTube hype, with videos of angle grinders failing to chop into it. Pros Cons Made with ‘Barronium’, the Litelok X1...

BikeTag Review: On-BIke AirTag Storage

If you’re looking for a stealthy solution to hiding an Apple AirTag on your mountain bike, BikeTag is one of the more secure.

knog scout alarm

Knog Scout Bike Alarm and Finder

The Knog Scout is an 85 decibel motion detection alarm, coupled to Apple’s “find my” app, which also makes it a tracker. In this product, Knog the Australian company best...

9 Bike Locks, Chains and Anchors to keep your bike safe

If you\'ve got a bike, you need a lock. Whether you are just wanting to deter someone from walking off with your ancient pub bike, or trying to keep all…

litelok santa cruz hightower

Review: Litelok Gold

A lock. So simple, but so important, and Tom Nash reckons the flexible Litelok is the best he\'s used.

TrackR Bravo Review

Ever lost anything? Then you\'ll want to read Andi\'s review of the TrackR Bravo - a small device that\'ll help you track down your valuables.

asgard 29r shed bike storage singletrack review

Asgard 29r Bike Shed

No garage and under pressure to, \'Get your #$*&%ing bikes out of the HOUSE!\'? This could be the solution.

Shed Shackle

The Shed Shackle is a security device that you fit to your shed, providing a fixed er, shackle to lock your bike to. It’s not going to stop anyone breaking…