Formula Selva C Fork review

This is a 170mm travel Formula Selva C (coil) fork. I went with the 170mm version because Formula forks have shorter axle-to-crown lengths.

New RockShox Flight Attendant first ride review

RockShox Flight Attendant takes real-time information from numerous on-bike sensors and adjusts the suspension circuits as it deems fit.

Fox 36 Float Factory GRIP2 Review

Conclusion first: the Fox 36 Float Factory GRIP2 is the best air-sprung trail fork out there. By quite a margin too.

Most Innovative Product Of The Year: TruTune Insert

The TruTune MTB Air Fork Insert is by far the product that we think pushed the technology or industry forward in a clever or interesting way.

Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil

Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil Fork Review

Time for some more preaching. Coil is better. Always has been. Always will be. Yes, some gravity racers prefer air. Are you a racer? I’m not.

Öhlins RXC34 m.1

First Ride: Öhlins RXC34 m.1 fork and TXC Air shocks for XC

The Swedish squisher\'s new range of World Cup XC focussed suspension comprises new Ohlins RXC34 m.1 forks and TXC1 and TXC2 Air rear shocks.

140mm suspension forks

140mm Suspension Fork Group Test

140mm Suspension Forks AKA Best Modest Travel Trail Forks. Which fork for real world riders on real world trails? Benji has the results.

Cane Creek Helm MKII

Cane Creek Helm MKII review

The Cane Creek Helm MKII has a new damper and a revised air spring (there is a coil Helm too). The D-lock bolt-thru axle design is also new.

Fox 34 Float Factory

Fox 34 Float Factory GRIP2 review

This latest Fox 34 Float Factory GRIP2 is all too easily overlooked, or taken for granted. There’s no big headline innovation or New Thing.

Marzocchi Bomber Z2 RAIL

Marzocchi Bomber Z2 RAIL review

Cut to the chase, this Marzocchi Bomber Z2 RAIL has a price that is affordable for more people than all the other 140mm forks we\'ve tested.

Ohlins RXF 34

Ohlins RXF 34 M.2 review

Swedish goldsmith Öhlins is getting into the downcountry business with the new Ohlins RXF 34 m.2 suspension fork with 120 or 130mm travel.

RockShox Pike Ultimate

RockShox Pike Ultimate review

The RockShox Pike Ultimate has had as big a revamp. Charger 3 damper, DebonAir+ spring, purging air bleed valves and ‘Buttercups’.

MRP Ribbon Coil

MRP Ribbon Coil review

You can count the amount of 140mm coil forks on one hand: there’s the MRP Ribbon Cork and there’s the 140mm Cane Creek Coil Helm MKII.

Mondraker MIND

Mondraker MIND Telemetry review

Mondraker MIND is a GPS enabled telemetry system. As well as being able to help you set up your suspension it collects data on it.

2023 RockShox Zeb Ultimate & Super Deluxe Ultimate Review

We’ve had a new Zeb Ultimate and Super Deluxe Ultimate bolted on to a RAAW Madonna so read on to see what we think.

Öhlins RXF38 m.2 review: for proper hard charging

Öhlins joined the 38mm stanchion gang with the OEM-only Öhlins RXF38 m.1. Last year they launched this RXF38 m.2.

RockShox Flight Attendant review: efficient, neat, fun

RockShox Flight Attendant is the new electronic suspension system from The House of SRAM that promises to solve your woes for good.

fox 34 grip 2 review

2022 Fox 34 Grip 2 Review | The king of trail forks?

Andi rides and reviews the 2022 Fox 34 Grip 2, a trail fork he thinks you should have at the very top of your wish list. A couple of weeks...

rockshox pike ultimate review

RockShox Pike Ultimate Review | Lots of small changes for big performance

The 35mm stanchion RockShox Pike looks positively skinny compared to new school forks, but the latest Pike Ultimate is perfect for trail duties. Way way back, not Judy DH or...

2021 Fox 38 review

Review – Fox 38 Factory Grip 2 does the burly chassis and new features make a better enduro fork?

The Fox 38 launched last year right at the start of lockdown, but over the year we have ridden various models of this burly enduro fork and this is what...

Review: Öhlins RXF36 M.2 And TTX2Air From The Swedish Suspension Masters

Before we look at this review of the RXF36 and TTXAir shock, a little history lesson: Öhlins’ performance pedigree dates all the way back to 1976 when the company was...

suntour durolux eq 36 fork

Review: Suntour Durolux R2C2 PCS EQ top-performance on a budget!

The Suntour Durolux R2C2 PCS EQ is awarded a Singletrack Recommended Award for providing quality suspension and performance at a budget price. Suntour’s continued development of its rowdy 36mm enduro...

2021 RockShox Lyrik first ride review

2021 RockShox Lyrik Ultimate | First Ride Review

Can a few internal tweaks make this updated 2021 RockShox Lyrik Ultimate even better than it already was? First ride review right here. COVID-19 Notice – We were lucky that the Lyrik...

2020 RockShox SID Trail Fork – First Ride Review

We’ve had one of RockShox brand new, 120mm SID Ultimate forks – basically the ‘SID Trail’ on test for a couple of weeks. Here’s what we thought: The world of...

2020 RockShox SID Slims Down – And Gets New 120mm Trail Option

The RockShox SID has been around since 1998 as RockShox’ top end, no compromise cross country race fork, and the new 2020 Rockshox SID SL is no exception. Everything on...

Manitou Mezzer Pro | Just The Right Amount Of Tuning?

We put the Manitou Mezzer Pro fork through a winter of hard use – did the testers come back smiling? There’s a particular place online where some bike mechanics share...

DT Swiss 232 ONE – The All New XC Suspension Platform

DT Swiss launches the new 232 ONE XC Suspension Platform: fork, shock and dropper post, for tough XC performance. When DT Swiss decided to launch an all new suspension platform...

RockShox SID Ultimate Carbon 29er fork | Beautiful And Fast

We let Jason loose on a RockShox SID Ultimate Carbon 29er fork. Will anyone be able to catch up with him to get it back? I wonder how many riders...

RockShox Lyrik Ultimate RC2 | The Ultimate Fork? Reviewed

Earlier this year RockShox announced a new, updated version of their top end enduro fork, the Lyrik. The Lyrik was only updated less than a year before, which gave rise...

Review | Formula Selva R – The most adjustable fork there is?

David rides the highly adjustable Formula Selva R fork. Will he get tweak fatigue, or find his perfect setting for every trail? A little under three years ago, I first...