Fresh Goods Friday 638: Blasting From The Pasting Edition

This is the bintro... very much like an intro but please be careful to sort the cardboard and paper from the glass and plastics.

Fresh Goods Friday 637: The Warranty Edition

This in the 'kin-tro... A bit like the flippin-tro but just that little bit coarser. Because we all just want to go out and ride our ATBs today, let's dive…

Fresh Goods Friday 636: The OnlyFan Heaters Edition

After an unexpectedly hectic - and just plain odd - week of rolling news, it's nice to finally kick back and unwind with a nice slice of FGF.

Fresh Goods Friday 635: Veg & Two Fruits Edition

This is the yintro... it's a bit like the yangtro but totally the polar opposite. What does FGF have in store for us all this week?

Fresh Goods Friday 634: The Home Improvements Edition

It's dark and cold and wet outside, and we're sick of staring at our walls and wondering if that's magnolia or nicotine, a rat or a mouse

Fresh Goods Friday 633 – the no deep thoughts edition

It may come as a surprise, but today is Friday! Yay! The last Friday of 2022. Where did that year go? It’s probably time to sit back and reflect on...

Fresh Goods Friday 632: The Brandy Absorbing Edition

This is the second to last Fresh Goods Friday of the year, so you may be hoping for an abundance of nifty gadgets that we’ve been gathering as gifts for...

Fresh Goods Friday 631: Not Just For Christmas Edition

This is the inntro… much like a usual intro except there’s no room for messiahs. What have the Four Wise Couriers brought for us this week? Certainly not any gold,...

Fresh Goods Friday 630: Behind The Radiator Edition

The orange-chested robin redbreast is called redbreast because there was no English word for the colour orange until the 16th century.

Fresh Goods Friday 629: The All Wrapped-Up Edition

Time to down tools and check out what the various couriers and posties have lobbed at us this past seven days.

Mudhugger MK2 Rear

Fresh Goods Friday 628: Rear Guard Action Edition

This is the yintro... it's a bit like the yangtro except the complete opposite. Which brings us in no relevant way whatsoever to this week's Eff Gee Eff!

Fresh Goods Friday 627: In It To Win It Init Edition

This is the Zinntro... the intro inspired by the author of Zinn & The Art Of Mountain Bike Maintenance (the N-tastic Lennard Zinn).

Fresh Goods Friday 626: Silver Serfing Edition

This is the bintro... the intro that actually got written on bin day (which is Thursday round here).

Fresh Goods Friday 625: Oh, that’s actually quite reasonable edition

Everyone sitting bored at home and wondering what to do with themselves this weekend? Kids getting antsy cooped up? Adults getting antsy looking at their bank statements? Let me present...

Fresh Goods Friday 624: Gold Leaf Edition

Eee... I don't know about you but there seems to be an inordinate amount of leaves on my lines all of a sudden.

Fresh Goods Friday 623: Rechargeable Battering Edition

This is the "Wintro". The intro of winners. What have we won exactly? We've won the satisfaction of making it through another week. We've won ourselves a weekend.

Fresh Goods Friday 622: Get Yr Vote On Edition

Hip hop hooray it is Friday! Round these parts it's all been about the Singletrack World Reader Awards.

Fresh Goods Friday 621: Soup and/or Sandwich Edition

Have you made the switch to soup yet? Or are you still bringing a sandwich in your packed lunch?

Fresh Goods Friday 620: The Harnessing Cyclists Edition

Reassuringly just about lunch time. Chant your 'how much!' mantras and feel that feeling of calm descend upon you.

Fresh Goods Friday 619: Accept No Substitutes Edition

Truth bombs: George Benson sang "The Greatest Love Of All". Rupert Holmes sang "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)".

Fresh Goods Friday 618: Standing In A Line Edition

Bank Holiday incoming! What better way to celebrate an extra day off work than taking a look at FGF618? And look! Thread Of The Week has returned.

Fresh Goods Friday 617: End of an Era Edition

Six James Bonds, seven Popes, fourteen US presidents, fifteen UK prime Ministers, 144 Issues of Singletrack Magazine, 62 Italian Governments.

Fresh Goods Friday 616: The Loamer Edition

Loamer. This appears to be the word of the year within hip mountain bike circles. WTF does it mean? I'm not exactly sure. Something very soily?

Fresh Goods Friday 615: Rave On Edition

Welcome one and all to the show your telly was made for – or the regular web feature your phone and/or computer was made for – Fresh Goods Friday! What...

Fresh Goods Friday: Smell The Cheese

We’re feeling all fuzzy and loved here at Singletrack World this week. Following Mark’s appeal, Charlie has been busily skipping to and from the post office with your merch orders,...

Fresh Goods Friday 613: One In One Out Edition

It's peak holiday season and we've installed a revolving door at the front of Singletrack Towers to deal with the high turnover of suntanned/stressed-out staff.

FGF 612: Very Common Not Very Wealthy Edition

It's a photo-heavy edition of Fresh Goods Friday this week. We hope your broadband connection or cellular data network can handle it!

Fresh Goods Friday 611: The Skeleton Crew Edition

Hello? Is there anybody there? Can anybody hear me? The mass exodus continues. Cliff Richard has taken everybody on a summer holiday.

Fresh Goods Friday 610: After The Heat Edition

We hope you, your pets, your plants and so on all made it through the extreme heat this week, and if you have got school holiday getaways, may they go…

Fresh Goods Friday 609: Missing In Action Edition

Ride your bike. Stay in the trees. Plot routes near watering holes (AKA 'shops'). Strap another bottle cage on to your bike/body. Sun cream.