Shimano ME700 Trail SPDs Upgraded. Leisure Pedals Get Colours

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The new PD-ME700 platform SPD

Shimano’s fixed cage, entry level trail pedals, the M530s are getting retired, to be replaced by the new dual sided ME700 pedals. Shimano claims they’re ‘Perfect for use with mountain bikes, e-mountain bikes and gravel bikes’ the new pedals have a wider platform (by 7.7mm and the rear part of the pedal is kicked up so that it truly supports your shoe sole rather than you just standing on your cleat with a platform there for moral support. There’s now 12% more surface area contacting the shoes.

Shimano ME700 pedals
Taller kick up at the back gives 12% more shoe contact, which is great.

The ME700 features a durable aluminium body and chromoly steel axle. Like the majority of Shimano’s other off-road pedals, the PD-ME700 comes with easy-to-maintain cartridge bearings to seal out dirt and moisture, reducing the need for maintenance. The new PD-ME700 pedals weigh 540g and come with a pair of single release SM-SH51 cleats. They should hit the shops by the end of August. The ME700 pedals will be £49.99

Meanwhile, for those of you with town, country or commute bikes seeking some extra colour, we have the new PD-EF range of entry level flat pedals. A wide, conventional flat pedal, available in a range of colours for £34.99 – black will be out in June. The rest will follow by the end of the summer.

And there are colours! Oh, the colours…

Those are what you want, on the left. We can’t see too much demand for the filled in ones. They’re for ‘formal, or dress shoes’
Bold new colours to match your bike. Or your mood. Or your eyes…

If you’re keen on finding out more, the ME700 and PD-EF202 pedals should magically appear on the Freewheel website soon.

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    Ooo may not need to go to XT for my next set of trail pedals then for when () I get my Groad bike.

    £10 more expensive RRP, 110grams heavier, all for a 12% increase in contact area over m530s?
    Not adding up for me

    What in the name of baby Jesus’s holy underpants are Shimano thinking!!!
    Those filled in PD-EF205’s?!??
    A quiet day in the design office when they were developed me thinks!

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