Cycling Geeks Unite! Shimano Celebrates 25 Years Of The SPD Sandal

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There’s no easier way to suddenly age 25 years than by putting on a pair of these beauties! And in a timely coincidence, the venerable SPD Sandals are now celebrating their own 25 years of heritage. Yes, a quarter century of riding with grit under your toes and in constant fear of rock strikes, the SPD sandal is definitely its own thing, with its own ‘special’ fans. And to celebrate that, Shimano is producing a limited run of these magic sandals in a limited edition cool, dark blue.

spd sandals
Nothing says ‘I’m just off to buy some sauerkraut at the market’ than these babies…

Boasting the greatest airflow ever in the Shimano footwear line-up, the humble Shimano SPD sandal has reached a significant milestone in its long and illustrious history. Yes, this purveyor of summer practicality has been gracing bike shop shelves for a quarter of a century and so deserves a special edition 25th year anniversary model, the new SD-501A. 

Or wear them without socks and feel every rock and bramble on your ride!

Whilst technology trends have come and gone, the Shimano SPD sandal has remained a constant fixture in Shimano’s footwear range, bedecking the feet of a generation of touring cyclists and commuters looking to keep cool in the summer sun. 

It’s not only practicality or hipster-fashion that has kept certain cyclists rocking the SPD sandal, the open-toed pedal pushers feature space for a recessed cleat on the sole so you can clip into your pedals for greater riding efficiency or stroll around comfortably when you’re off the bike. 

As well as keeping your bare foot safely in contact with the pedals – providing additional security over flip-flops for example – sandal-fans will also benefit from dual comfort-lined straps for a secure and comfortable fit, a wide rubber sole for comfortable riding and walking and a semi-rigid (rated 4/12) midsole plate for efficient pedaling. 

The look of a Limited Edition winner!

Oh yes, you know that these are going to be the clip-in sandals to wear this year. In fact, I might just have to get some more… Not many people know this, but your writer’s Greatest Sporting Achievement was a third place at the inaugural UK Singlespeed Championships in 1995. And what was I wearing, 25 years ago? Oh yes, I was rocking SPD Sandals…

And socks…

They will no doubt be cracking open the sparkling elderflower over at and we’ll bring you UK pricing and availability when we have it.

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Comments (23)

    Sandals of any description, and socks is just wrong. Always wrong.

    They are not socks, they are technical sandal liners.

    I didn’t think there was footwear that could be more hideous than a pair of crocs but Shimano have successfully produced a seriously gopping pair of kicks with these SPD sandals!

    I’ve just heard that they’re SO EXCLUSIVE that Madison isn’t going (to bother) to bring them into the UK. They just got even more rarer-er! If you want some, you’ll have to go to Belgium, or somewhere that isn’t the UK…

    very useful for stealth racers – I recall one woman wearing these for commuting in summer with appropriate summer dress then waiting to strike if the mamils tried to overtake…….

    maxlightpha5e July 1, 2020 at 7:03 pm
    I didn’t think there was footwear that could be more hideous than a pair of crocs but Shimano have successfully produced a seriously gopping pair of kicks with these SPD sandals!

    I could not agree more.

    I’m a weight weenie so they are essential on race day

    Never mind ‘want’. I NEED.

    You miseries. Just because they’re not labelled as ‘enduro’ you don’t like them.

    I still recall that old, gray bearded guy who did the brutal La Ruta De Los Conquistadores un Costa Rica like 20 years in a row with a singlespeed klunker, jorts, a Hawaiian shirt, a straw hat and SPD sandals.

    Pay respect to your elders younglings…

    I’ve got.

    great for summer, dry really quicklu after river crossings. Also super comfy for the beer garden.

    I rode a 400km audax with a guy wearing these. I was freezing in the night, he seemed fine.

    They would complete my road bike wardrobe of baggies and a cowboy hat.

    I had a friend who cycled everywhere is these – JOGLE, alps etc. We cycled up the Stelvio, it was snowing, and he has wearing these WITHOUT SOCKS!

    I always liked the Keen SPD sandles as they had some toe protection.

    Always fancied getting a pair of these since they first came out but never got round to it.

    Perhaps now is the time?

    My son would NEVER let me ride with him if I was wearing these!

    third @ a single speed event!!
    thats the people who watch the race from the bar

    Given the generally cold,damp, windy UK climate for majority of the year these don’t make sense and they look dreadful! Maybe in warmer and drier climes they might appeal to ageing, partially sighted cyclists who have lost the will to live? Thankfully they are limited edition so most of us are unlikely to be offended in person by these monstrosities 🙂

    If you want some, you’ll have to go to Belgium – that just sums them up!

    I happen to have a pair which I purchased last year and have only had the chance to wear then a couple of times but can recommend them on a warm dry ride on trails, I must admit I wear them without and feel the need to Colour my nails just to finish the effect, some people do comment for some reason

    I always liked the Keen SPD sandles as they had some toe protection.

    I’ve a pair of the Keen sandals, which I bought as a fan of their normal sandals, but they’re a very thin last compared to normal. But I love the fact they’ve got a waterproof label on them.

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