World 24 Hour Solo Champs in Scotland

Word from north of the border for all you 24 hour race fans… With 24 hour solo riding considered one of the toughest and challenging championship events in the global...

2011 Marin Dusk ’til Dawn

Summer might be just about over but that doesn’t mean race season is. There are just 4 weeks left to register for the 11th running of the Marin Dusk ’til...

Fresh Goods Friday

Whilst half the office have decamped to Germany to stroke, ogle and photograph all that’s new at Eurobike, a steady stream of equally new and exciting things have landed at...

La Plagne, du vin, and possibly, du Boursin.

Off to La Plagne in the next week? Well if you are here’s some money saving deals from the folks at the resort… GREAT DEALS! The Pass’Bike: lift pass, meal...

Trek World 2012: Superfly 100, Rumblefish and more.

Here’s some more from Trek World in the lovely Austrian town of Mayrhofen… Rumblefish With 120mm of DRCV-controlled travel front and rear, the 2012 Rumblefish aims to convert existing 26”...

Trek World 2012: Remedy, Slash, Fuel and Hybrid Air

Sim and Jenn have seen the future - new freeride, downhill and ladies bikes plus much more


J.E James Break-In

Andy ‘Livo’ Liversidge from J. E James has just been in touch about a break-in at their Chesterfield store. Keep ’em peeled people… Our Chesterfield store at Whittington Moor round...

The Orange Patriot Returns

There have been sneak peaks and a host of prototype spy shots but now it’s official; the Patriot is back. Here’s the official press release: The Patriot makes a return...

Sim’s Fort William Gallery

Sim’s been living on the hill with a camera for the weekend to record the racing and general goings on. He’s survived on nothing but wild haggis he’s caught himself...

How To Go Tubeless

Are you tubeless curious but put off by (true) stories of milky fluid being thrown into your face from improper technique? Well, rejoice! Here’s XC racer Oli Beckingsale to show...

Aston Hill Black Run Race

This press release has been edited for ‘stoked’ content and additional way-back-when phrases have been added. After the massive success of last year’s races, the competitive edge returns to Aston...

The Don dons Conti rubber

Conti seem to be taking over at the moment with every man, woman and pro rider sporting the German rubber. Rob Scullion has just been in touch to say they’ve...

Rab Shadow Hoodie Jacket

Rab Shadow Hoodie Price: £120 From: Tested: Continuously for four months The Shadow Hoodie isn’t really a jacket for riding in, it’s what I would call a ‘live-in-jacket’. In...

Long Termers: Sim’s Orange Five

When I originally ordered the Five from Orange I had in mind to hang SRAM’s new 2×10 X0 groupset off it. As is often the way though product release dates...

Fresh Goods

Plenty of brand spanking SRAM this week, with X7, X9, new SIDs, Revelations, Sektors and Lyriks plus more

Core Bike 2011: Part One

Brace yourselves! There is loads and loads of new stuff below. Prepare to gasp at bright new colours, bold new graphics… and some genuinely new bits and bobs. Marzocchi A...

Long Termers: Sim’s Orange Five

Five, very much alive.

Fresh Goods

This week we have more insulation, more light bikes, more lights and more more..

Chromag Aperture

New, blue Canadian steel

Auf Wiedersehen Gustav

Disc ripping brake RIP

Fresh Goods

This week: Rab, MRP, TSG, Bell, Booicore, Magura, Easton and Giottos

Mojo Trail Diaries: Welsh Wonderland

The third episode sees Wales, Scotland and France come together in trail riding harmony.

Pin Dan Barham To Your Wall

Lower prices and easier shopping in a newly launched online shop

No More Headset Headaches?

Confused about headset standards? Hopefully no more

Long Termers: Sim’s Orange Five

A few rides in, a few more thoughts

Digging Aston Hill

Get your shovels primed for some digging action

Fresh Goods

A yellow Orange, punk rock wheels, a Marmot and Chipps as you\'ve never seen him (or wanted to) before

Long Termers: Sim’s Orange Five

Sim puts his money where his mouth is

Fresh Goods Friday

Here at Singletrack, the postman always rings twice (and then beats on the door just in case...)

1-2-1 Hamsterley Race

Fancy going racing this weekend?