Snowy Playtime Video

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Dave Flynn works at Orange during the week but at weekends, and when he can skive off, he rides what he makes. Dave sent in this self-shot video of him and his P7 enjoying the white stuff.

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    Very good. I really enjoyed that.

    Good skills. I did manage an icy concrete staircase on Saturday but I can’t manual/jump of walls!

    did he just eat a napkin?

    Nice one Dave. Good job no one robbed your house while you were out with the keys in the door!

    Flynny! – whats with that cooker in yer kitchen. Is that Chequer plate?
    The vid is as slick as snot. Tho I’m mildly dissapointed you didn’t make it up YBR with that new messerschmitt.

    Excellent vid, really enjoyed that one.
    Bombay Bicycle Club – best album of last year.

    Very nice and mucho envious of the skills and bottle. I can’t/daren’t ride like that on the most perfect trail condistions you could ask for, let alone snow and ace.


    nice vince, very nice. the video and bomby bicycle club.

    nice vince, very nice. the video and bombay bicycle club.

    Great stuff, well done. I really want to do some self filming but I can never be arsed! Is that a duospeed P7? Looks like a Hammerschmidt on there but can’t see a shifter…

    Thanks for the comments guys. I enjoyed the napkin very much 😉

    Ed, safe street this, someone borrowed the TV but they promised to bring it back next week.

    Yep, it’s a two speeder. Works a treat – singlespeed simplicity for pussies like me!

    Inspired me to get on the bike – oh, hang-on, its raining….

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