Pro Tharsis

by Sim 10

Pure, untouched press release from Shimano Europe…
Introduction PRO Tharsis Trail components
A component-series named after the highest mountain-range in the universe (on Mars) must be very special. And that’s exactly what PRO Tharsis is. With this new line of components you will excel in day-consuming journeys up and down mountains. PRO Tharsis is unique because it’s the first hi-end line-up of Trail components made entirely out of carbon. By using special lay-up designs and fiber-types our engineers succeeded in developing extremely strong, durable and lightweight components. These unique components are topped-off with a trendy mat and nude UD carbon structure with a refined artwork and polished alloy details.

PRO Tharsis Stem
Strong & lightweight monocoque carbon trail stem
Reversible stem design (+6/-6) with integrated gap-cap and spacer
Special front-clamp design (with ti-bolts) preventing bolt- and handlebar stress
Diagonal steerer clamp construction
Extensions: 70-100mm
Weight: from 130g.

PRO Tharsis Handlebar
Lightweight and durable trail handlebar
High-tech T800-1000 UD carbon with titanium reinforced center section
Size: 710mm / 20mm rise / 8 backsweep / 4 upsweep, 31,8mm diam.
Weight: 195g.
PRO Tharsis Seatpost
Lightweight trail seatpost with 10mm offset
Hightech T800 UD carbon material with reinforced clamping zone
Incl. clamps for both metal and carbon saddle-rails
Sizes: 27.2, 30.9 and 31,6 x 375mm
Weight: 175g.

PRO Tharsis Grips
Lightweight trail grip with anatomic shape
Tapered design for optimal shifting performance
Internal locking system combined with low profile lock-ring and ti-bolts
Colour: Black or White
Weight: 120g./set

Available some time in October…

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  1. as the words “high end” have been used have we a price on theses jewels

  2. that’s an ugly fecker of a stem

  3. what, the whole Universe?

  4. It certainly is sssimon

  5. “made entirely out of carbon” apart from the polished alloy, titanium inserts etc…

  6. That “highest mountain-range in the universe (on Mars)” really is grating the pedant in me!

  7. So, pedantry aside, are these actually made by Shimano?

  8. No prices as yet but when we know they’ll get added to the story.
    Pro is owned by Shimano.

  9. Rumour has it the bikes for next week’s XTR M980 press camp in Austria will be equipped with the new Pro Tharsis range… I guess it won’t be too long for a ride verdict.

  10. Pro Tharsis sounds like some sort of aggravated knee ligament injury

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