1-2-1 Hamsterley Race

by Sim 5

What it is
This event consists of a Cross-Country race on Saturday 25th September 2010 and a Downhill on Sunday the 26th. The only catch is you have to use the same bike for both races.

How it works
If 100 people enter, the winner of each event will get 100 points, the second, 99, and so on. The winner will be the person with the most points overall.
In the unlikely event of a tie, the fastest overall time will be used to determine a winner.
Your bike will be tagged with an electronic chip for timing. This will be zip-tied to your lower fork leg. Any tampering with the chip will result in rider disqualification.

Racing will start at 11am.
The XC race will consist of a 4.5 mile loop. Number of laps will depend on your category. Once that’s finished, get yourself a beer and some grub before hitting the DH course for some practice.
We will provide a BBQ from 7:30pm on Saturday evening as part of your race entry. Non-competitors will be subject to a small charge of £5. This fee will also include their camping at the event.

Sunday is Downhill day
Practice will open at 8am and racing will start at 11am.
Bikes will be checked on the start line. Any bikes not matching the bike used the previous day will be disqualified!!!
You will get 2 runs, with your fastest run being used.

The lovely folk at Orange will be giving away a Crush frame to the men’s winner and a Diva hardtail frame to the women’s winner, so it’s worth making an effort!

You will be able to camp in the forest from 6pm Friday 24th, until Sunday. This will be included in your race entry. We ask that you have your tent and equipment packed up by 4pm Sunday 26th.
We would like to run this event again, so please respect the Grove House and keep noise to a minimum after 10pm.
Alternatively there are a number of local B&B’s and caravan sites in the local area.

Contact info
Got any queries ? Perhaps you can help promote the event ? Drop an email to one2oneRS@live.co.uk
Alternatively, give Dave a shout on 07974111855.

More info here!

Enter the race here!

Comments (5)

  1. This is going to be awesome, see you there…

  2. Definitely the future of racing for the fun brigade. Funnily enough, a bit like that Weekender thing that some bunch of ne’er-do-wells organise.

  3. Should be fun, can’t wait.

  4. Are you allowed to change anything at all on the bike between races? Like pedals or tyres?

  5. You can change pedals and tyres

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