Migrate to South Africa

by Sim 4

You’ve probably seen Sven Martin’s name in photo credits in Singletrack and pretty much every quality mountain bike magazine out there. Well, now Sven and his wife Anka (who is quite handy on a bike having competed professionally in DH, slalom, 4X, Cape Epic…) are running tours in their native South Africa.
Over to Anka…


houseMARTIN is a new mountain bike touring company founded by Anka and Sven Martin. With a history steeped in travel, racing and trail riding exploration, they are now offering a trip of a lifetime taking in the best of their native Cape Town, South Africa and combining it with a truly unique African mountain bike safari in Botswana where you will be sharing singletrack with elephants and maybe even lions.

Now would be the perfect time to plan on migrating south to join a small group of riders on a 11 day trip of a lifetime in March 2010.

Check out the website for trip details and image galleries.


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  1. Wow. I’ll need to start saving to make this happen. how much do kidney’s go for on Ebay??

  2. These are the guys that guide Hans Rey and the rest of the Adidas MTB folk aren’t they? They’ve shot some awesome images if it is those guys…

  3. Elephant eggs on the trail! At least dog eggs don’t stop you dead

  4. check list for African bike ride
    spare tubes – check
    pump – check
    energy bars – check
    high powered elephant gun – eerrrrrrr

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