Mtbcut Do The ‘Puffer

by Sim 8

Whilst those of us sensible enough to know better (and a bit too fond of creature comforts) hid away from the snow and cold weather Stu from decided to embrace the elements and compete in the Strathpuffer 24 in the north of Scotland. He even managed to find some team mates.

Here’s how they got on:

Nice one lads.

More info on the Strathpuffer 24 can be found here.

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  1. Tremendous………I somehow think you have managed to give a small insight as to what a ‘puffer’ involves. Good effort and thanks for bringing back all the memories

    You all looked to be having fun – which is what its all about.
    See you next year?

  2. Have never done or even attended either, I’, just wondering. Other than the low temperature were the conditions even as bad as your average Mayhem? Didn’t seem to be anywhere near the level of mud covering that I’ve seen from pics at MM.

  3. cool. makes me think about clic24 this “summer”

  4. Great video , well done lads ..

  5. There was only one section of about 100 metres that was boggy mud, rideable if you had the skill. The fireroads were claggy for a while then lovely and hard frozen then terrifying crash on the climb type icey.

    Main difference with Mayhem is that your granny could ride that course in a wheelchair wearing a blindfold, this course was eyes on stalks every lap.

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