Orange on Wednesday

by Sim 2

Rowan Sorrell was quite quick. Photo by Michael Bonney

It’s probably safe to say that the most popular bike at the Singletrack Classic Weekender was the Orange Five. Michael from Orange was at the event and was taking photos of as many Orange riders as possible and has stuck them on the Orange website. Take a look and see if you can spot yourself looking as fast as Rowan.

Michael will also be up at the No Fuss Events 10 at Kirroughtree race this weekend, so if you’re an Orange rider make sure you’re looking fast and remember to smile if someone points a camera in your direction.

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  1. I noticed that. To quote a famous Calderdale based bike designer, “they’re like assholes. Everyone has one”.

  2. 10/10 then it is for Orange bikes ! …oh and Rowen too !

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