Mojo Trail Diaries: Welsh Wonderland

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Fabien Barel, Rob Breakwell, Ben Cathro and a man named Stu up a rather wet Welsh mountain? Believe.

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  1. An excellent film that goes to show how much fun you can have even if the weather is poor! Makes you want to go and ride.

  2. Is this filmed recently? If so wicked to see Barel back fit and riding, does this mean he’ll be ready for the 2011 WC’s?

  3. “I tried to eat a jelly baby and my jaw wouldn’t work”

  4. Fabien Barel is ace. Every time I see or read something about him I just like him even more.

  5. Very cool vid – what was the name of that 2nd mountain they were riding?

  6. what is the green and white helmet?

  7. “A chicken between my legs” – genuine LOL

    Great film, looks like they had a lot of fun

  8. the 2nd mountain i think is machen. its a couple of mountains over from cwmcarn. its near mojo

  9. Great vid – I wanna ride my bike now..and it’s the weekend…Yeay :o)

  10. Right, I’m off to the Q’s

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