Orange Go Big On Miii

by Sim 12

Smoke signal just in from the other end of the valley…

The jump bike went on sabbatical last year before firing back onto the scene this January with the Miii. It came in a specific size, honed for steep technical trails, street trickery and pump tracks. This seemed fine at the time, we were happy, but the tall guys formed a rebellion, they wanted a bigger one, and they didn’t want to wait!! April 2010 was the date, the 16” Miii is finally here and ready for spring.

Orange has a strong heritage in jump and 4X bikes. The days of Animal-Orange brought Steve Geal’s inimitable style and Ponting’s power. The Global Racing days brought 4X success with Minnaar and Lehikoinen. Royal Racing saw Bryceland’s flair and Beaumont’s speed. Fairclough learnt his signature whips, Holmes got his snap on and Steve Peat won the odd 4X race. Trials World Champion and street riding extraordinaire Peter Kraus even lent a hand along the way. So it’s fair to say the Orange hardtails have had some serious test pilots over the years. The result? The Miii.

The Miii takes a lot of features from its predecessor. The headtube and gusset work adds stiffness and dissipates loads away from the front of the bike. The Monocoque down-tube helps reduce weight and keeps the front end stiff and accurate. Refined quarto box stays make up a short back end that’s super snappy out of the gate and strong enough to shed the most sideways landing. On the race track or the trails, the Miii is the most competitive frame around. Get your snap on, scrub the first roller and leave the rest behind, unleash the Miii.

The Miii is now available in a 16” frame to accommodate the bigger rider, or those who want a tight handling hardtail for thrashing around the woods. ISCG and front mech compatibility means you can set it up however you want it. It’s a jump bike through and through, but if you want a super-accurate hardcore hardtail for messing about in the woods, take a look too. The 16” Miii will be available as a frame only or the no holds barred complete package.

Frame only – £499.99
Complete bike – £1839.99

Standard colours are Kermit Green and Plasma Blue, custom options available.

Comments (12)

  1. Someone in the naming department needs shooting.

  2. how do you pronounce it ‘My’, ‘Me’, ‘My-Eye-Eye’?

  3. I like the look of it but it makes my knees hurt just thinking about riding a bike like that….

  4. i just thought it was M3 or MK3?

  5. I think it means something like Ms’isle 3…. or something

  6. Quote “Refined quarto box stays make up a short back end that’s super snappy out of the gate and strong enough to shed the most sideways landing.”

    When did Halifax move 2000 miles east? They should employ a Yorkshire publicist.

    (tranlated for all who speak Gods English, “These here square stays gi it some reet boost at t’off n aren’t whappy or nowt if you bugger up yon jumpin’ ‘tha knows.”)

  7. ‘Whappy’ is my new word of the day 🙂

  8. whappy is a classic yorkshire term, well done tthew!

  9. I do like the yorkshire description better.

  10. I like it, we’ll try and get the new description on the website 🙂

  11. Check the website, translation included, cheers ‘tthew’

  12. I had a 16″ original MsIsle for ages and it was nothing short of excellent. It was a fantastic little hardtail and i’m super-pleased that they’ve brought it back!

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