Bike Shop Break-In

by Sim 16

Our friends at Blazing Saddles down the road in Hebden Bridge have just been on the phone to say they were broken into last night and have had three bikes go missing.

  • Transition TR450. White with white Fox 40 forks, Saint components, one black rim, one white rim.
  • Ibis Mojo. Baby blue, Rockshox Revelation forks, SLX groupset
  • Orange Five Pro. Chrome grey. Fox 32 forks, XT drivetrain, RaceFace cranks, Hope brakes.

Any info is greatly appreciated by the lads as Blazings, especially as the TR450 was one of the guys own bike.

You can give them a call on 01422 844435 or email

Comments (16)

  1. 18bikes,stiff,blazing saddles who next I wonder?

  2. done to order? those are some pretty nice bikes.

  3. I feel for them,but I imagine they got in at the back as it never looked very secure.

  4. ohh **** me! bad news! especially for ben. 🙁

  5. Thats sh1te news fellas… 🙁

  6. Baby blue ibis mojo? That’s going to stand out some. Surely they won’t be able to sell them on. Definitely sounds likean order job…

  7. Nightmare – if it helps the Serial no. of the Mojo is 09M1256

  8. Will keep my eyes peeled. What a bitch.

  9. *dons ninja suit*

    sometimes you wish you could just twat people on the head with old chainrings when they do bad things.

  10. that is bad news.. defo knew what they wanted by the sound of it.. probably scoped the place out before a few times too….
    i hate bike theifs…!!!

  11. Didn’t Orange have a break in too? Seems like too much of a coincidence up that way, make sure you lock the door on your way out at night ST guys!

  12. Damn. That Transition was just finished properly, too.

  13. I’m not a million miles away, so will keep ’em peeled. Bit of a regional epidemic by the look of it, hope that no-one else gets done over.

  14. Feckers, seems to be part of a spate Trek, Orange, 18bikes.
    Cops should be on this.
    Hope the insurance hike isn’t too brutal.

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