Charge Bikes 2011

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Procrastinating on the internet, like you do, we came across this new vid from Charge Bikes…

Firstly, that’s a great video that has made us want to head for the hills with a bike.

Secondly, how skinny are the tubes on those Dusters?!

Thirdly, is that new Crank Bros bars, seatpost and pedals we spy there?

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    “Procrastinating on the internet, like you do,”

    This is rhyming slang I assume?

    Yes, that did make me want to go for a ride

    …not in shorts though! Brr!

    The glow from the frame is keeping his legs warm.

    Riding behind that very pretty girl would keep him warm, but in quite a localised area. The bikes remind me of my ’89 Marin Bear Valley (only with suspension forks and neon colours – other bikes in range came in dayglo that year. So retro!)

    That part about 1 min 30 secs in, where you see the lycra clad legs and pert bottom but nothing above waist height – well i was looking at the pert bottom and thinking, sh*t, I hope that turns out to be a bird else I might have to rethink a few things!

    I confess I gave a little cheer when she was revealed in all her (pretty) glory.

    Whatever happend to taht clothing that Charge were showing at Eurobike……?

    Available next week according to their website…

    doesn’t she look really cramped on the race bike? she’s climbing with her lovely arse right back on the seat and elbows at right angles bumping her thighs

    If I was her riding partner it wouldn’t just be elbows bumping against her thighs!

    Where are those trails?

    Looked a bit like Cannock Chase but suppose it could be trails in almost any FC/Commercial Forest.

    Isn’t her name Emma? VERY nice bum!

    Blimey and didn’t realise that it was a Vimeo vid. It RAN on my machine just like a proper video is supposed to. First time for everything I suppose!

    A very good vid. Wish I felt well enough to go for a ride.

    love the thin tubes on the duster. haven’t got to the girl yet… perceptions of “love” may be redefined

    Me too geetee. Haha.

    That orange Duster really needs amber wall tyres to complete the retro look.

    Funny that… Just waiting for the all-new 120tpi Gumwall Charge “Splashback” tyre samples to arrive. They will be fitted to all 2011 Dusters. You heard it here first!

    Looks like Haldon – but seems unlikely…

    Actually having watched it all the way through the snowy bits definitely are Haldon. Dunno about the girly bits though.

    Ace video, and some brilliant new paint jobs from Charge.
    Soundtrack is fantastic too.

    Crikey Oreilly its like 1989 all over again.
    Also, number 1399, I like yer bike missus.

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