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This review featured as part of the Kit Essentials grouptest in issue 142 of Singletrack World.

Giro Latch flat shoe

Excellent trail shoe that’s well worth considering

The Giro Latch flat shoe has a nice snug fit, without being tight. The toe box has enough room without being boxy and the laces make getting a good snug fit nice and easy, with the ability to adjust the full length of the lace closure.

The Grip Rubber/Gamma Tread sole offers plenty of grip, and I can’t remember any incidents of slipping a pedal during the test. The combination of the grippy rubber and Gamma tread pattern give a sure-footed and confident locked-in feel to the pedals, yet also allows you to reposition your feet when needed without issue.

The Mute Foam insole really does a good job of removing trail chatter and vibration through your feet, adding grip and taking the sting out of big and repeated impacts. Coupled with the ‘stiff-but-not-too-stiff’ sole, this has the added bonus of reducing any fatigue and even on the longest of pedals of the roughest of tracks we’ve had no aching or discomfort.

They’ve also impressed with their wet weather performance. They are by no means waterproof – and certainly not advertised as such – but they do a decent job of shrugging off splashes (remember they have holes in them) and wetness from the undergrowth. 

I’ve been using the Latch for the past four months and in that time they’ve been ridden multiple times per week and in a huge range of conditions – from dry and grippy to snow to torrential rain and axle-deep mud. I really like the Latch. A slight gripe would be that the lace loop isn’t the best, but the laces aren’t overly long and don’t get in the way even if I don’t use it. 

Other than that I really don’t have anything to complain about. They’re comfortable, perform really well, dry quickly and come in understated colours. The grip they offer is great and the Mute foam seems to be more than just a marketing hook. If you’re looking for some new flats then you should definitely try on a set of Giro Latch.

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Brand: Giro
Product: Latch
Price: £129.99
Tested: by Ross for 12 months
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