We’d like to know a little bit about you for our files

Data is really important to us and knowing all about who our readers are is vital for us to exist. For one thing, we need to know the sort of people that read our content so that we don’t end up writing vanity articles for who we might mistakenly ‘think’ are reading our stuff.

Also, it’s kind of weird, but this is also so that we can protect your privacy from outside third parties. In the near future the way advertising works will change for the better. Advertisers won’t be able to creepily follow you around the web. So you won’t see those ads for toasters on our site just because you were browsing John Lewis kitchen gadgets before you dropped in on us. Instead, advertisers will only be able to target their ads to websites instead of people. For us at Singletrack that means we are going to have to provide advertisers with a big picture profile of the people who visit our website. That’s why collecting information on how many bikes you own or how many cars you have will be important to us. That information, when gathered together and made anonymous will enable us to attract ads that are relevant to you. That means the advertisers will pay us more to show them and everyone is better off. So, the more information we can gather on our audience and community the better we can make the content for you and the better we can earn money from advertising. Even if you are a full member and you don’t see any ads when you visit us, your answers to these questions will still make a big difference to us.

So, TLDR: the more of these questions you answer the more you will be helping to support us at Singletrack.

Your answers will stay private and we will never disclose your personal information or your answers to these questions to any third party. This is all laid out in our privacy policy.

You can only answer each question once but after you have answered you should be able to see the results of the whole class. It’s annoying isn’t it when you answer these surveys and then you never find out the results. You don’t have to answer every question – just the ones you are ok with is fine. If you answer just one that will help us.