The world of Singletrack

Singletrack launched on April 1st 2001. Not only was this April Fools day but it was also in the midst of the Foot And Mouth outbreak that closed the entire British countryside. Despite that, this truly independent media brand has quietly grown to become the world’s 2nd largest dedicated Mountain Bike media brand with a truly staggering reach and influence.

Latest monthly data

1.4M uniques
6M pages
15.4 min visit duration

Data: SemRush April 2022

Integrity. Trust. Influence.

Integrity leads to trust.

Trust leads to influence

How Much?

We recently crossed the 1 billion pages delivered mark

As of July 2021: Source – Google Analytics

Advertising Options

Our options for your marketing go far beyond mere display advertising. Check out some of the tools we have to offer.

Recent Sponsored Content

Content produced by our in-house marketing agency, Singletrack Studios. A fully resourced agency calling on trusted editorial expertise from both in-house and select external content creators. Includes in-house SEO optimisation experts and a built in distribution network of over 2 million users across social and web makes us a one-stop-shop for your marketing goals.

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Sponsored content features sit in our archives indefinitely which makes them a campaign that never stops working. Our in house SEO experts ensure that your feature is technically optimised for search engine discovery as well as the copy and images.

All sponsored content campaigns include frequent social media posts across all our appropriate channels and streams including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Clients are invited to see sight of copy prior to publication and work with our editorial team to make alterations. Only when both editorial and the client are happy with the content is it published.

Copy and image rights are shared between Singletrack and the client enabling reproduction on clients websites and other media properties (subject to terms).

Sponsored content is the only permanent form of marketing

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Users that count

Our magazine readers are our full members and they enjoy many benefits of membership. One is the lack of display advertising in their browser when they visit our site.

These users are our most engaged audience. They are the true high spending bike enthusiast prepared to spend money on their daily content fix.

Premier Subscribers = Full Members – Free Subscribers = Registered Members. Guest Users = site visitors with no account.

Our Full Members…

  • Visit the site more often
  • Spend longer on the site with each visit
  • View more pages on each visit
  • Represent our core demographic of highly engaged mountain bikers.

7300+ Full members (June 2021)

Campaigns that reach our full membership

Online display campaignsNO
Sponsored contentYES
Magazine display campaignsYES
Online competitionsYES

Magazine ads that reach digital readers

Our print magazine is not merely reproduced in a digital format but completely redesigned from scratch, every issue. Our Digital magazine is available through our Singletrack Magazine App on all the major app stores. Print display ads are included within the digital version and optimised for tablet and mobile viewing. Ads can be optimised to include interactive elements from simple links to embedded video.

All Singletrack Full Members have access to the digital magazine versions. Over 2.4k Full Members are pure digital and do not receive the printed version.

Issue 136 content consumption

  • iOS & Android App Users: 2418
  • Print copies delivered: 4536
  • PDF copies downloaded: 833
  • eBook Copies downloaded: 107
  • Dealer copies: 230
  • Issue 136 Total: 8124 copies

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For all advertising queries, prices, specifications and more options contact and speak to Ross.

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