NBD: Ritchey Ultra 50th, YT Capra Core 3, Canyon Grizl CF SL 7…

by 13

… Cube ebikes with Bosch ABS, 5Dev chainrings and SQlab Innerbarends. They’re all featured in this week’s handy roundup of the most interesting New Stuff That’s Come Out.

Ritchey press release:


The Ultra gets the 50th treatment with the legendary Ritchey red, white, and blue fade paint.

Like the 50th Anniversary editions of the Road Logic, Swiss Cross, and Outback that preceded it, the Ritchey Ultra mountain bike frame finally gets a special colorway and branding, closing out Ritchey’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Ritchey’s legendary red, white, and blue fade has long been coveted by Ritchey fans around the world. This paint job also nicely references Ritchey’s history of sport-defining frames and the brand’s rich heritage. Who can forget Thomas Frischknecht piloting red, white, and blue Ritchey bikes to multiple championships and Olympic hardware?

Doubling down on the homage paid to Ritchey’s incredible heritage, the Ultra 50th Edition frame also features special logos that reference the company’s history and the influence Palo Alto, California had on Tom Ritchey.

Beneath the unique paint and logos, the Ultra’s heart remains a highly versatile steel hardtail mountain bike begging for some trail-smashing cross-country riding or shredding enduro runs. The Ultra 50th Anniversary Edition is designed around a 120mm travel fork and super stable BOOST 148 spacing. Notably, this discipline-hopping machine is also designed to accommodate 29” or 27.5” wheels.

The Ultra 50th Anniversary Edition frame is available now through Certified Ritchey Assemblers in Europe, other local retailers, online partners, and the Ritchey web site.


Ultra 50th Anniversary Edition frame – €1199 / $1199 / £1013.90


YT press release:

CAPRA Core 3: The Ultimate Contender

March 15th, 2023 – With changes that will turn heads in the herd, the latest CAPRA in the CORE lineup lights up the spec sheet with race-proven RockShox Ultimate suspension, SRAM GX Eagle AXS shifting, specific front and rear-tuned Crankbrothers Synthesis wheels, and a Renthal cockpit. Get your oven gloves ready…… The CAPRA Core 3 brings real heat to the scene.

Frame & Features

Hot on the heels of the full-metal CORE 1 & 2, the high modulus carbon frame of the CORE 3 includes the same features and geometry as its aluminum counterparts. Tool strap mounts under the top tube, a geometry adjust flip chip, and a TM6000 water bottle (included in the box!) make adapting to your hydration requirements and local trails super straightforward. The MX variation aims to please bike park fiends, featuring shorter chainstays and a more progressive kinematic. The 29″ model ups the chainstay length for improved climbing performance while providing a more linear curve for maximum traction. Larger frame sizes also receive an increased rear center length, ensuring balanced handling for riders of all heights. Both the MX and 29” versions are rated for a 180mm travel fork for getting extra sendy at the park or squeezing out extra seconds between the tape.


Hands up if you want top-end, fully adjustable suspension! The 170mm Zeb Ultimate strikes gold with all the latest tech; the new Charger 3 damper with HSC/LSC adjustment, updated Debonair+ spring, and vibration-reducing buttercups. In combination with the RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate, the V4L kinematic saves the day out back and now features external HSC and LSC adjustment. This level of on-the-fly tuning means dialling in your ride doesn’t require a trip to the workshop, especially when the YT Suspension Guide gives you a recommended base setup to get you out on the trails asap. The spec sheet sees more fire in the form of GX Eagle AXS wireless derailleur. Repeatable and reliable shifting is the name of the game when it comes to AXS, ensuring crisp and consistent ratio changes even in the filthiest of trail conditions. Additionally, the overload clutch protects the mech when your desired line choice doesn’t quite go to plan. Renthal has been at the sharp end of componentry for many years, hence why the CORE 3 features the all-new AL2014 bar and stem combo clad with cult classic ODI lock-on grips. More finishing touches come in the form of an SDG Bel Air 3.0 saddle, a YT Postman dropper (with up to 200mm drop for size XXL), SRAM Code R brakes, and an E13 TRS plus chain device. The Crankbrothers Synthesis Enduro wheels help hold a line when the trail gets out of hand and offer differing rim profiles and spoke counts for each end of the rig. Lastly, the CORE 3 now features a super sticky Maxx Grip Assegai/Maxx Terra DHR II combo for unrivalled grip in an array of conditions.

YT Mill Showrooms & Rolling Circus – Demo a YT

The YT Mill Showrooms in UK, USA and Germany offer test rides for all available models in the YT Core range, all year round. If your location isn’t near a Mill, then the Rolling Circus demo events bring the whole demo fleet to a variety of locations across the globe. This dates for this year’s demo tour will be announced soon.


Canyon press release:

Canyon Grizl CF SL 7 Throwback


News, y’all ready for this?

It’s the 90s again and we’ve gone back to the old school with the Grizl CF SL 7 Throwback. A brand new gravel bike with retro looks but modern components.

Gravel’s just 90s MTBing, right?

Awesome! Rediscover trails that you now think are tame. This is off-road rawness but with solid components that work. This is gravel riding, and that’s what the Grizl CF SL 7 Throwback is all about.

Old-skool cool with new-skool performance.

It might be a Throwback but its components are right up to date.

SRAM Rival AXS gives you crisp, dependable wireless shifting and powerful disc brakes.

Special edition DT Swiss GR1600 wheels

Laced to Ratchet 350 hubs, these retro hoops are the cherry on top of our homage to the pioneers of mountain biking.
Straight trippin’.


Cube press release:

CUBE introduces e-bikes with Bosch eBike ABS

CUBE continues to innovate and launches four different e-bikes with Bosch eBike ABS. The advanced technology is designed to provide cyclists with unparalleled safety and performance, ensuring a comfortable, safe and stress-free ride. The models using the technology are the Kathmandu Hybrid ABS, Reaction Hybrid ABS, Stereo Hybrid 120 ABS and Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC ABS.

Bosch’s lightweight and sophisticated second-generation ABS works seamlessly with Magura’s MT C ABS brakes to modulate front brake power, so you can stop quickly and safely whatever the conditions. On road or off, wet or dry, mud or gravel, it delivers the best possible braking performance whilst helping to keep you safe.

Keep your flow

In the old days, many people only used the rear brake out of caution or fear. With the new Bosch eBike ABS system, riders can now brake with both brakes at the same time in a safer and more confident manner. It can prevent the front wheel from locking and thus help to avoid skidding. This allows riders to remain safely in the saddle even during sudden and heavy braking on any surface, whether it be firm asphalt or slippery gravel paths. Because every e-bike is different, there is no one-size-fits-all ABS. Instead, there’s the right ABS for every e-bike type, providing optimal support for the braking process.

Different bike, different mode

CUBE e-bikes with Bosch eBike ABS are available in several models, designed to suit the needs of every rider. The bikes come equipped with a range of high-quality components and powerful Bosch Performance Line CX motors. The bikes also feature a Bosch PowerTube 750 battery that provides long-lasting power and a Bosch Kiox 300 display that offers intuitive control over the bike’s performance.


5Dev press release:

Introducing Direct Mount Ti Chainrings from 5DEV

Announcing 5DEV Titanium 3 Bolt Direct Mount Chainrings Made in San Diego, California

Material: Titanium

Sizes: 30T and 32T with 3mm Offset

Colors: Raw, Bronze, Purple, Teal

Applications: 3 Bolt Direct Mount Cranks Ideal for XC, Trail and Enduro

Durability: Last at least 3X longer MSRP: $199.99

Features: CNC machined Titanium in sizes optimal for XC, Trail and Enduro. 3X durability over aluminum chainrings.

Available Now


SQlabs press release:

All-new Innerbarends® by SQlab – slimmer, lighter, & integratable

No question, the Innerbarends® are “special”.

You either love or hate them, first mainly for the function, second more for the look.

TBH: I didn’t get what SQlab was intending with these, when I started at the brand, but now I am a believer, and my hands spending a shitload of time on them when commuting & on long MTB Bikepacking tours.

Why: They eliminated my neck problems & made me more aero, saving some watts.

So what’s new with the second / 2.0 generation of Innerbarends®, which are now introduced almost a decade after the last versions:

Thanks to their intelligent design with a removable spacer, the new Innerbarends® 2.0 can now replace the clamp on the 7OX and 711 grips. In other words, an optimal integration of Innerbarend® and grip is possible, these become a unit both optically and functionally.

At the same time, the Innerbarends® remain compatible with all other grips on the market.

It should be emphasized that both new 2.0 Innerbarends® are narrower in the clamping area, which means that the brake lever position can move even closer to the grip if necessary.

Both functionalities are quite important, because modern cockpits / bars get absolutely cluttered with remotes for shifting, droppers, suspension, bell, e-mode, lights, …. you name it.

Plus the new 411 2.0 Innerbarends® have adapted the shape of the already established 411 R Carbon Innerbarends®. That means they have the same slim design and are still fairly light (below 60g per pair), but at a more budget-friendly price point (39.95€ instead of about 170€).


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  • NBD: Ritchey Ultra 50th, YT Capra Core 3, Canyon Grizl CF SL 7…
  • tthew
    Full Member

    Nice bike hattrick this week. That’s a first I think.

    Full Member

    Does the Ritchey need a blue front hub and read rear? too much?

    I met Tom once. At Eurobike, about 10am. I had just spent 3 days getting there on a motorcycle on backroads and went to the bar on the Bum Butter distributor trade stand, and asked for a beer. The nice lady said that it was too early for a beer. Then Tom sits beside me, “Beer please”, and gets a beer, no questions or german parental concern.

    “Wow… hold on… we have the same distributor, and I have a bottle of water!”. Tom says “Give this man a beer”. I get a beer. Nice guy.

    Full Member

    As a Ritchey owner (Road Logic), and lover of the Ritchey ‘aesthetic’ for many, many years, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but…

    That Ritchey is gopping.

    Does the Ritchey need a blue front hub and read rear? too much?

    With that fork that doesn’t quite match, the horribly bling chainset and the balloon tyres it’s already too much.

    When you look at a Ritchey you should think “whippet”. I look at that and think “St Bernard with a diamante collar”

    Full Member

    I’d still have that Richie though…

    Full Member

    Does the Ritchey need a blue front hub and read rear? too much?

    I thought that too.

    However, the fork is the wrong colour.

    That said, a bike that would be brilliant to own.

    I like bright bike colours.

    Full Member

    Hey, Tom, the ’90s called. They want their geometry back.

    Full Member

    I like bright bike colours.

    Me too, and to be fair it’s probably just that build I’m not mad on, the frame itself is pretty lovely to look at.


    Hey, Tom, the ’90s called. They want their geometry back.

    There is this.

    Full Member

    I would happily have that Ritchey but then sometimes I think I am stuck in the 90’s. It is difficult to see anything but the chainset and forks though.

    I do like inner bar ends but I don’t want them on an xc bike all of the time. I would only get those if they were hinged to make fitting quick and easy.

    Full Member

    Tom says “Give this man a beer”. I get a beer. Nice guy.

    now that is a cool story!

    there were a couple of good articles on Tom Ritchey on The Radavist the end it last year. worth a read.

    Full Member

    Inner bar ends? – if that had been posted in a couple of weeks time I would have had a chuckle at a truly inspired April fool gag!!

    Full Member

    I have a Ritchey Commando (fat bike) in 29+ guise.

    My modern standards it is tall, short and steep.

    It is an absolute dream to ride though.

    I’d be very interested in an Ultra albeit in a more muted (read retro) colour selection on the components – silver Thomson, Middleburn crankset black rims and hubs with silver spokes and some proper skinwalls.

    Full Member

    I’d be very interested in an Ultra albeit in a more muted (read retro) colour selection on the components – silver Thomson, Middleburn crankset black rims and hubs with silver spokes and some proper skinwalls.

    Now we’re talking

    Full Member

    I’ve got a Grizl. Don’t think I’d have bought it in those colours though…

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