Bounce, Bags and Bling – Spotted at Sea Otter

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Another lap of the stands at the Sea Otter Classic in California, another round of new things. Some are new and available now, some are still to come, and some are still prototypes under development. We’re not done yet, and there’ll be more bike checks, interviews and other things to come. Stay tuned.

Cane Creek

Let’s start with the stuff you don’t really need but possibly want: a silver edition of their EE brakes (half the weight of a Dura Ace set) joins the line up. OK, it’s road, but look at it (and its multi-coloured siblings might be enough to tempt you to ride road bikes with terrifying brakes). Fun fact for the pub quiz crew: these EE brakes are all assembled in North Carolina by a woman called Denise. Moving swiftly on, there’s a limited edition Helm fork and EE Wings in ‘Galaxy’ finish. Think rainbow trout, or unicorn skin.

On to the bigger news: a new gravel fork. Inverted too! You can have 40mm or 30mm of travel – the fork comes in two options, but note that it’s not adjustable travel. It’s also got no damper, because in testing riders couldn’t tell the difference with and without one. There’s a CS version ($1,199) that comes with a climb switch, and an SL ($1,099) that doesn’t. Both have a carbon crown and steerer to keep the weight down. The fork is designed for gravel. Like, actual gravel, rather than mountain biking light – so it’s meant for similar terrain as a Lauf, not the hits and edges that you’d want a mountain bike fork to tackle. Apparently they’re working on a fork mounted luggage solution, so watch this space.

KOM Mounts

KOM has added a smaller saddle bag to its range, as well as a clip you can mount to any bag you choose. These are designed for radar sensors, so you can still carry your gear while having a radar/traffic detector attached. There’s also a new Mag Safe mount adapter designed for indoor training. The magnetic mount holds your phone so you can check your messages or use your favourite training app without having to look for a nearby shelf to prop it on. They’re clear it’s only for indoor use though – not out on the road or trails.


RST was showing a coil sprung gravel fork, which offers 30-50mm of travel depending on the option you choose. You an have it paired with a selection of RST lowers of various specs, depending on what sort of mounts or brakes you’re using. There’s a lockout, but no damping adjustment etc. Also on show was their new 20in wheel air fork for kids weighing 20kg or more, and their light mounts, designed to fit on any tapered steerer fork. Finally, there was their RST Smart Tag Platform, which allows you to put a tracker tag inside your fork, secured with a non-standard head key.

Kogel Bearings

Want to bling up your SRAM T-Type Transsmission with an oversized cage of many colours? Now you can. You can use their custom selector to make every part a different colour, should you so wish, and you can now add a selection of Ceracote items to your basket too, for added eye exercise.

DVO Suspension

DVO was showing their new Diamond 36 fork, home adjustable for 140mm-160mm travel. It come with their new D1 damper with high and low speed compression adjustment, and their new SL Air spring which is designed to give better small bump sensitivity.

Also on show were their new Topaz Gen 3 air shock and Jade X coil shock, which are using their new Prime damper which has a separate air valve on a transverse reservoir. This damper offers high and low speed compression adjustment and rebound adjustment, and DVO has done away with the climb switch here because it thinks that you won’t need it thanks to their Prime damper.

Be More Bikes RR Stem

We saw this stem’s creator, Bronson Moore, here at Sea Otter with his 150mm prototype a couple of years back. He’s now preparing to take orders for this 90mm version of his stem which he has designed with raise and rearward offset (hence the RR) to put the rider in what he says is a more comfortable position that offers more control and is great for cornering. 

EXT Racing Shox

EXT was being coy about what’s coming in June, teasing it on the display boards and allowing distant spy shots of what’s to come. There are three secret things we’re definitely not seeing or looking closely at here.


Makers of magical magnetic things, Fidlock, has introduced a couple of hip packs with a IPX8 waterproof pouch built in. IPX8 is waterproof up to 30 metres – which if you drop your bag in something that deep your probably have other problems. The smaller pack has a stretchy stuff pocket and looks useful for running as well as cycling, while the larger pack has room for a jacket and other gubbins. Another handy little item is their GoPro adapter, that allows you to attach and swap your GoPro between different positions on your bike and body without all the fiddling with bolts. Kinda like the DJI cameras have built in then…

Chandi Bikes

Meet the Megawatt and the Joule, from Chandi bikes. Made in Chattanooga, Tennessee, apparently a bunch of trails in the area have power themed trail names thanks to the local power company, so these bikes have power names too. At least until someone at Nukeproof has a word, maybe? The Megawatt XC Hardtail is designed for a 120mm fork, while the Megawatt is for a 140mm fork. The Joule is their gravel bike, which takes up to a 50mm tyre. It also takes a suspension fork. All the bikes are titanium, with a higher spec Reynolds 979 option too.


Osprey is 50 years old this year and had some new releases to show. Their Extended fit range offers longer straps on the Raptor and Raven models, as well as relocated hip pockets to make sure they stay functional and accessible despite the change in strap lengths. They also have a new bike packing range called ‘Escapist’. This include a range of four sizes of frame bags, a top tube bag, and front rear packs. Also in the range are three backpacks in sizes 20/25/30litres. These have a longer shape than standard bike backpacks, and the back/strap arrangement allows the support part of the pack to contour round your back while you’re in a riding position, while the luggage part of the pack sits further out. The idea being you get better fit and freedom of movement despite your kitchen sink packing habits.

As well as the new for this year items, we also got to see a glimpse into the future. In 2025 you can expect to see a new hip pack, an Escapist Velocity hydration vest pack designed with gravel racing in mind, and a Metron commuter range complete with laptop sleeves and a selection of capacities up to 34 litres.

Cascade Components

Cascade had a new CNC’d oversized derailleur for SRAM Transmissions, completely rebuildable should you need to. Still at the prototyping stage, it’s this brake bias adjuster. Currently being tried out for TRP brakes, the version on the table was already smaller than the one on the display bike, and they reckon they’ll get the final prodcut smaller still. The barrel allows you to change the fluid pressure as your pads wear. They’re working on a version for Hayes Dominions too.


Hope’s show bike was really very lovely. The green clear coat on the bars shimmered like an exotic snake, and the bronze components helped the green frame pop. All rather lovely, though basically the same bike you’ve seen before – just tweaked a little to accommodate a SRAM T-Type Transmission and some slight improvements to the stash box in the downtube. What’s actually properly new is the RX24 Gravel wheels, which use the Pro5 hub with a new 24mm internal rim that will take up to a 60mm tyre. This rim comes taped with a new tape, and fitted with the new valves. The valves have a ‘5-way air path’ – basically fives holes in the base where it sits inside your rim – and a valve core remover built into the cap. Available in all the usual Hope colours.

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  • Bounce, Bags and Bling – Spotted at Sea Otter
  • thepurist
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    Hope bronze eh – how orange were the bits on their show bike? 😉

    Full Member

    @thepurist bronze stem and valve with orange valve for comparison! I’d also say they look more distinct to the eye than to the camera.

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    Do people really put 60mm tyres on gravel bikes? Those are bigger than the tyres on my 29er…

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    Are Hope making the valve bodies, caps and lock rung themselves? I’d imagine the valve core is bought in.

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    Do people really put 60mm tyres on gravel bikes? Those are bigger than the tyres on my 29er…


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    Crikey. Mind you those Hope rims are wider than the ancient Stan’s Arch EX on said 29er…

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    Are there any updates to the HB.916 frame yet?

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    Do people really put 60mm tyres on gravel bikes? Those are bigger than the tyres on my 29er…

    And 60mm works out at 2.36″ so having narrower tyres than that on a 29er is old-skool! 😀

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    The barrel allows you to change the fluid pressure as your pads wear.

    Like the old Hope C2 brakes?

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