Issue 154



What’s inside Singletrack World issue 154?

Let’s start with the cover – Pete Scullion does it again:

Photographer: Pete Scullion Rider: Joe Barnes Camera: Nikon D850 Camera Settings: Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G VR II at 70mm. 1/2000, f8, ISO 640. About the shot: Joe Barnes doing Joe Barnes things in the shadow of Beinn Fhada’s northern ridges on one of those days where the sky stays blue, the legs have plenty of juice and the descents flow like water.

And on to what’s inside… take a deep breath, sniff those pages… lose yourself…

Editorial: Let’s Get Lendy

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be, For loan oft loses both itself and friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry.” Chipps disagrees.

International Adventure: The Last Yak Attack

Laura Martin tackles the last edition of the high altitude race that brought so much to Nepal and its racers.

UK adventure: Chariots of Rust

Adam Boggon goes on a tour to help restore his heart and mind – and pull apart his bike.

Trail Tales: Having the Wrong Thing

Thanks to our readers, we bring you a selection of instances where ‘Having the wrong thing’ led to some innovation and learning.

Interview: Gladiators… ready!

Credit: BBC/Hungry Bear Media Ltd

Hannah catches up with Privateer Bikes rider and Gladiators Contender Kerry Wilson to find out what makes her tick.

Through the Grinder

Is that creak me or the bike? Real-world product reviews from real-world riders.

Tech Head: Tech that should have stuck around

Benji dons possibly rose-tinted spectacles and brings us the technology that he thinks has fallen undeservedly out of fashion.

Column: Riding by numbers

Are you beating the clock or beating yourself up? Vicky Balfour struggles to get into a healthy race mindset.

Away Day: Farmer Johns MTB park

Amanda, Benji and Mark go for a trip out to Farmer Johns bike park to see what’s there, what to wear, and which bike to take.

Last Word: Schrödinger’s Stan’s Monsters

Chipps gets existential in his tyre swapping.


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