Martha Gill: The New Sea Otter Dual Slalom Champion

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Martha Gill was out at Sea Otter racing Dual Slalom and Downhill. She took the gold in Dual Slalom, finally breaking Jill Kintner’s 11-year run on the top spot. I…

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  • Martha Gill: The New Sea Otter Dual Slalom Champion
  • nickc
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    Nice one Martha, Sea Otter Dual slalom champ is a pretty good one to have on your palmares, and 4h in the DH is impressive after all those round of DS!

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    Wow! Well done Martha! I remember her as a (very talented) little kid doing xc races in the Bolton area many years ago. She’s also quite an accomplished pianist too I seem to remember.

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    We camped next to her and her family at her first Enduro (PMBA Gisburn), she asked me to critique here technique over one of the drops (a bit nose heavy landing but otherwise was bang on) ergo, I taught her everything she knows.

    She also expressed disbelief at how slow my times were 😂

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    I also raced XC in the same events as a young Martha. Not sure if being overtaken by her would count as part of her development that I can take credit for? The video link above is a few years old, but illustrates both riding and piano talents.

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    That Torridon video is one of my all time favourites. Beautiful film. Music composed and performed by her as well I believe.

    Brilliant rider, always seems to lack the exposure she deserves.

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    Well done Martha!

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    Horwich / Rivvy local!

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