Crank Brothers Stamp 7

Crank Brothers Stamp 7 flat pedal review

Is bigger really better? At 114mm wide the Crank Brothers Stamp 7 pedals are considerably wider than most pedals on the market.

Behind The Design: crankbrothers New Shoe Range

crankbrothers have been working on a range of shoes for four years, and almost no one guessed. They’ve even been posting photos and videos of pros riding them for the...

Crank Brothers Stamp 2 & 3 Pedal Competition Winners

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the new Crank Brothers Stamp pedal range and asked you a simple question to check you were paying attention. If you missed...

First Look | Crank Brothers Stamp 2 and Stamp 3 – And Your Chance To Win!

We take a look at the latest flat pedals in the Crank Brothers Stamp range, and give five lucky readers a chance to win a pair. Crank Brothers’ Stamp collection...

fox dhx2 coil shock

Where Did Summer Go? FGF 504

‘Ooh, well it’s good for the grass’ as many of our parents would be saying. It seems that summer has abandoned us again, leaving heavy wind, hail and rain showers....

Crank Brothers Stamp 1 Pedals | Shred The Trails, Not Your Legs

Hannah has spent the sloppy autumn and winter months on these Crank Brothers Stamp 1 composite entry level pedals. Having had my favourite DMR Vault pedals stolen from me (while...

2020 team rumours alex marin monkey sauce

2020 Team Rumours: Alex Marin Poses For Monkey Sauce with mystery bike!

Alex Marin poses for Christmas with a bottle of Monkey Sauce cleaner, a new bike and a host of new components, but what is this mystery new team? It’s no...

Crank Brothers

Crankbrothers Reveals New Highline Dropper Post Ranges

More length and different girths – new Crankbrothers Highline dropper range options revealed. When he reviewed the Crankbrothers 160mm Highline dropper post last year, reviewer James Vincent said ‘this is...

Video: Danny MacAskill Game of Bike – Which Trick Could You Do?

There’s a new video from Dany MacAskill, which has prompted some surprising reactions in the office. Chipps – not known for airtime and tricks – may be getting rad out...

Crank Brothers Synthesis 'Tuned' Carbon Wheelset Review

Review: Crank Brothers reinvents the wheelset with Synthesis

Oh look, another expensive carbon fibre wheel review! But before you roll your eyes and click the ‘back’ button, allow me the opportunity to wow you a little. If I...

Are these the most expensive glasses we’ve ever had? Fresh Goods Friday 415

FGF this week started off with just 2 products, but the last minute haul at the 2018 Cycle Show has fleshed it out into another bonanza of bike booty (not...

shimano shoes xc7 spd

Eurobike 2018: New Shimano & Giro shoes, ropey spokes, and a heavier Orange

Swedish brand Thule is expanding its range of hydration backpacks for mountain biking, and chose Eurobike to debut its new Rail series. Available in 8L, 12L and a 12L Pro...

pedals clip in shimano time crank brothers ht dmr funn xpedo nukeproof

8 Platform Clip-In Pedals Tested & Reviewed

Wil and the clip-in crew have spent the last few months trying to work out which are the best platform clip-in pedals. Here’s what they found. In Issue 113 of...…

Cor Blimey It’s Hot! Hot sun and hot product in Fresh Goods Friday 393

Who is heading into the weekend with a light sun burn after over indulgence in the bright stuff this week? Who is heading into the weekend with the smugness of...

crank brothers mallet dh clip pedal issue 117

Winner Of ‘Best In Mud’ – Crank Brothers Mallet DH Pedal

Wil and the clip-in crew have spent the last few months trying to work out which are the best platform clip-in pedals. For this group test, they took eight of...

crank brothers stamp 3 review

Crank Brothers Stamp 3 Pedal Review

If you don\'t mind the slight weight increase over the more expensive models, the Crank Stamp 3 are reliable pedals with long warranty and decent grip.

crank brothers highline dropper post

ST Recommended: Crank Brothers Goes For Mega Reliability With The 160mm Travel Highline Dropper Post

With 160mm of travel, the Crank Brothers Highline is one of the most reliable dropper posts we\'ve ever tested

race face handlebar

18 Tasty Tidbits From Eurobike 2017

Highlights from the 2017 Eurobike show, including goodies from E*13, Leatt, Continental, Race Face, Ergon and a small brand called Deaneasy.

crank brothers stamp pedals

First Look: New Stamp Flat Pedals From Crank Brothers

Crank Brothers adds four new flat pedals to its lineup, including a sub-300g Stamp 11 and a Danny MacAskill signature set

wil avanti x-fusion dropper post

10 Dropper Posts Tested & Reviewed

In Issue #109 of Singletrack Magazine, we tested 10 dropper seatposts to see which came out on top.

Review: Crank Brothers Highline Dropper Post

After the Kronolog disaster, has Crank Brothers redeemed itself with the Highline? James has spent 12 months on one to find out

Review: Crank Brothers Stamp Flat Pedals

The Crank Brothers Stamp pedals come with a 5-year warranty. So just how tough are they? We test and review both sizes

Fresh Goods Friday 348

Without any adult supervision in the office today, Rob & Wil managed to get hold of the camera. Don\'t say we didn\'t warn you

evil following 29er

Fresh Goods Friday 342

Wait, it\'s Friday again? Already? Yay!

orange four

Fresh Goods Friday 341

It\'s Fresh Goods Friday time! New aggro plus rubber, a brand new carbon dropper post, brand new SPD shoes and some very trick tools

Fresh Goods Friday 340

We bring you: Good Friday Bank Holiday Friday Fresh Goods Friday

Genesis Longitude

Fresh Goods Friday 330

Ooh, we\'re feeling fresh and frisky this Friday, and Fresh, and Good

jones bike, fresh goods, h bars, 29+,chubber

Fresh Goods Friday 323

It\'s Mad Friday out there, but here, as ever, our Friday is Fresh and Good.

Interbike 2016: Crank Brothers get Wider, Tidier, and Clickier

Pedals and pumps and wheels and tools

Steve peat

Competition: Win A Set Of Steve Peat Pedals

We have one pair of Crank Brothers Steve Peat Signature Mallet DH pedals to give away