Crank Brothers release Kronolog uppy-downy post

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Crank Brothers have been on the uppy-downy post wagon since it first popped into view. Indeed, their popular Joplin post could trace more than a bit of influence from the original Maverick Speedball.

Crank Brothers Kronolog - certainly looks the part...

However, they’ve just released a successor to the Joplin in the form of the somewhat oddly-named ‘Kronolog’. It appears to share very little in common with the Joplin, offering an inch more travel and a remote that fits into the fixed part of the post, hopefully stopping flappy cable annoyance and rub.

It’ll be available in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters, offering 125mm of adjustment from the 405mm long post. Despite being a mechanical post with mechanical remote, it’s infinitely adjustable and Crank Brothers reckon it “feels hydraulic”. You can reduce the travel in 20mm increments if five inches of fun is too much for you, and there’s a new keying system which claims to “virtually eliminate” side to side play.

UK pricing will be £249.99 and they’re expected to be landing in the shops around June, according to distributor 2Pure.

Here’s the press release in full:

Since crankbrothers has been in the adjustable seatpost category for nearly five years, we have learned a lot about what works. With that knowledge, we decided it was time for a better approach. With a fresh set of eyes, we designed a post that we believe in. It is technical, durable, and beautiful. Introducing the kronolog.

The mechanical design of the kronolog allows for very accurate, precise movement. It has 5-inches of travel, and is the only mechanical post that is infinitely adjustable. It is even possible to reduce the travel of the kronolog in 20mm increments simply by adding a spacer. Although if functions mechanically, the kronolog feels hydraulic. It is smooth, supple, and quiet. Air spring technology lets you adjust the preload and return speed simply with air using a standard shock pump, and air damping allows the saddle to return to a normal riding position in two, smooth stages.

The kronolog has a unique keying system between the quill and shaft that virtually eliminates rotational play. It also locks into position both upward and downward. Improved cable routing means that the cable will not interfere with your riding – the cable routes from the post’s stationary body, so when the post moves up and down, the cable does not move.

The kronolog seatpost is a very simple design with a limited number of functioning parts. Fewer parts means fewer failures. The kronolog passes 2.7 times EN fatigue testing, making it twice as strong as other adjustable posts on the market. The kronolog offers more travel, durability, and robustness, all at about 50g less than the previous crankbrothers adjustable post. It is stronger and lighter. The kronolog sets a new standard for adjustable seatposts.

sponsored athletes /

The kronolog is already being ridden by some of the best mountain bikers in the world. Sponsored athletes include Hans Rey, Richie Schley, Chris Van Dine, Jill Kintner, Bryn Atkinson, Andreas Hestler, Holger Meyer, Karen Eller, Lars Sternberg, Team United Ride, and many other talented riders. Many of these athletes were closely involved in the kronolog testing and development process, and they are excited about the final product:

richie schley / I have been testing the kronolog and working with the product managers and engineers for the past year. It is a mechanical system, so it is light, strong, and reliable. Don’t let the “mechanical” throw you off though. It is a crankbrothers product, so it has a sleek look with attention to design, right down to the cool crankbrothers logo remote.

chris van dine / For trail riders, the drop post is one of those products that drastically improves the ride, regardless of genre, travel, or wheel size. It’s worth its weight in gold. Crankbrothers has been in the drop post game from the beginning. The kronolog is something we’ve been working on for quite a while now, and it is the evolution in adjustable post technology. I’ve been thrashing the kronolog for months in different conditions, environments, and applications, with no play or failures. This is refreshing because I’m not a fan of bleeding my post after a failure on the trail. The kronolog is packed with features and refinements, and it is by far my favorite drop post on the market. Take one for a spin and you’ll understand.
jill kintner / I am not willing to compromise on a good descent, and the kronolog post does what it is supposed to do… Letʼs me climb with full extension, and reacts quickly and quietly when I want to drop my seat down to shred. For a cable driven system, the feel is really smooth and consistent, plus reliable in all conditions. I find the routing off the back of the post an obvious improvement, and the logo as the lever a thing of beauty. Adjustable posts make riding more fun.”

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    Well it’s got all the design features that hamstring other designs, it’s just the fact it’s made by CB that puts me off.

    blimey – would love to demo one to compare against my 3rd [warrantied] joplin – 2pure deserve a reliable uppydowny post 🙂

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