The Grinder: Zefal Bike Taxi Tow Rope, Continental Argotal, Fox Dropframe helmet, Zipp 1ZERO HiTop Wheels

Is that creak me or the bike? Real-world product reviews from real-world riders.

Thule EPOS Towball Carrier review: best bike rack I’ve used

The Thule EPOS Towball Carrier is low faff, quick fitting and loading. It’s the best bike rack I have ever used. And I’ve used a lot of them. 

Revgrips Handguards review

Handguards are a brilliant invention and I\'m never going through a summer without them. These particular Revgrips Handguards have been great.

Mondraker MIND

Mondraker MIND Telemetry review

Mondraker MIND is a GPS enabled telemetry system. As well as being able to help you set up your suspension it collects data on it.

Renpho R3 Mini Massage Gun Review

Renpho makes a number of ‘healthy living’ products, including a few different massage items designed to massage various parts of the body (no giggling at the back). There are implements...

Kids Ride Shotgun Pro Seat review: smile maker

Effectively a mini extra seat that fixes to your bike\'s top tube, the Kids Ride Shotgun Pro means your kid can come mountain biking with you.

Granite Design Cricket Bell Review

Granite Design Cricket Bell Review | ding ding for trail harmony!

Granite Design produces some great little items that you’ll use once and wonder how you lived without them, is this what we think of the Cricket Bell though? What is...

Thule Chariot Cross Trailer – For Riding, Running or Skiing With Kids

Rachel gives the Thule Chariot Cross trailer a long term test, out on the bike, running, walking… but sadly not on the skis! Ah, the peace, quiet and restorative nature...

muc off pressure washer review

Muc-Off Pressure Washer Review

We test the Muc-Off Pressure Washer and quickly learn that cleaning your muddy bike can be both fast and fun! Using pressure washers to wash your bike is nothing new,...

Review | Bosch Fontus Portable Bike Washer

Want to clean your bike away from power or water sources? Then maybe this portable Bosch Fontus Washer will be of interest. The Bosch Fontus Washer has a maximum pressure...

jetwet pressure washer review

JetWet portable pressure washer review

The JetWet portable pressure washer could mean the end of dirty car interiors but is it any good? We’re very much in the grip of Autumn now, and we all...

Shotgun child seat

Shotgun Child Seat for Mountain Biking | Take Your Kids On The Trail

If you’ve been looking for a child seat for mountain biking, could the Shotgun be the answer? I’d always been envious of people with a bike trailer – I had...

Review | Aventyr: A Mountain Bike Board Game

Make even your rest time play time with Aventyr, a mountain bike themed board game. And now for something completely different… a board game? Based around the idea of ‘Trailquest’...

Bikestow Folding Bike Rack

Review | BikeStow Bike Rack – foldable storage, no drills required

The BikeStow offers bike storage without the need for fixing to a floor or wall. How did we find it? The unit is well built and has an appealing ‘thunk’...

odi grips foam silicone f1 vapor

Review: The ODI F-1 Float & Vapor grips might just be the perfect option for British XC riders

Ah, the modest grip. It’s probably one of the cheapest parts on your bike and likely one of the most overlooked. But given a pair are responsible for 40% of...

Endura MT500 Plus Flat Pedal Overshoe

Reviewed: Endura MT500 Plus Flat Pedal Overshoes – Come with a free yoga workout before every ride.

It is one of the great mysteries of the mountain biking world: why are there no flat pedal deep winter boots? In recent years we have seem some efforts at…

hub spacer boost axle rotor disc

Review: Want to run non-Boost wheels in your Boost frame/fork? VeloSolo has you covered

Remember when you could walk into a bike shop and buy a mountain bike wheel, any wheel, and then put it on your bike and it would fit? No, me...

Review: Auxtail Cycle Carrier. A bike carrier that’s even better if you have a Nissan.

For those of us that don’t own vans and have families that probably don’t want to share their personal space with a muddy, awkwardly-shaped bike while on a car journey,...

Smoove Lube

Smoove Universal Chain Lube – does it live up to the hype? | Review

So good, Huw wants a bigger bottle.

Schwalbe Pro Core

Review | Schwalbe Procore

David Hayward kits out his hardtail with Schwalbe\'s Procore

Review: Airshot Tubeless Tyre Inflator

David Hayward turns on the pressure with this tubeless tyre inflator

Review: Foxhead Metah Helmet

Fox lid gets the Singletrack seal of approval... with added video goodness

Review: Sea Sucker Talon Bike Rack

A neat, discreet way of carting your bike around

Review: Spurcycle’s Ultra-Premium Bell

Oi! You should have a bell on that bike! Here\'s a classy offering to adorn your bike.

Grouptest: Mini Pumps

Sanny gets his hands on five pumps in this grouptest. Which came out on top?

Review: Lezyne Tech Drive HV Pumps

Just how many punctures do you need to test a pump? Rachel finds out.

Review: Orp Smart Horn and Light

Sanny toots his own horn.

Review: Lomo Emergency Bothy Shelter

How would you keep warm if you had to stop on a mountainside? Sanny tests one possible option.

Review: Panasonic HX-A500 camera

Head mounted and unusual-looking. Does that translate to performance?

Review: GoPro Hero3+ Camera

Chipps goes pro (see what we did there?)