Interbike 2014: Is that a Y-wrench in your pocket?

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…or are you just happy to be riding?

Tools, more tools, and little pockets
Tools, more tools, and little compartments

Stuffing a dozen or more functions into a compact triangle, Crank Brothers’ new Y12 and Y16 tools aim to bring shop-quality tools to the trail.  The trilobular multi-tools feature magnetised Y-wrenches in a carrying frame alongside everything from interchangeable bits to a chain tool to a CO2 inflator to storage containers “for personal items.”

Wrenches, bits, and pieces
Wrenches, bits, and pieces

The Y12 comes with seven hex tools, Philips and flat screwdrivers, T10 and T25 Torx wrenches, a patch kit, and the aforementioned storage compartments.  The Y16 adds a CO2 inflator and chain tool- but loses the patch kit and storage capability.  There also looked to be spoke wrenches on the chain tool- but those don’t contribute to the count.

Chain mode DEPLOY!
Chain mode DEPLOY!

Prior to hitting shelves, the storage containers will be covered so as not to scatter their contents when popped free of their housing.  While not as compact as many tools on the market, the Y series could work well for those who find mini tools too mini in terms of handling or leverage.

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