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2020 Team Rumours: Alex Marin Poses For Monkey Sauce with mystery bike!

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Alex Marin poses for Christmas with a bottle of Monkey Sauce cleaner, a new bike and a host of new components, but what is this mystery new team?

It’s no secret that Alex Marin won’t be riding for the Madison Saracen Team for the 2020 World Cup Season, but the question remains where will the talented young rider call home for the coming season?

Well, a post on the Monkey Sauce Instagram account over Christmas reveals a few details, but at the same time creates even more questions!

The photo clearly shows Alex Marin cleaning his new ride with a bottle of Monkey Sauce bike cleaner, obviously a new sponsor of hit new team, but a look at the bike in the background might confirm a few more of his team sponsors.

Monkey Sauce have clearly tried to hide the identity of the frame, and the fork, but fortunately for us they’ve forgotten to edit out one of the decals that shows it is an SR Suntour fork.

Fitted to that fork are DT Swiss Wheels, and we can also make out a pair of Crank Brothers pedals fitted to the chainset.

Santa claus came last night and he distribute some bike shampoo to this Rider!! –
Merry Christmas everybody and take care! –
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Monkey Sauce Instagram

So which World Cup Downhill Mountain Bike Team will Alex Marin be riding for?

Looking at the teams on the circuit now that run SR Suntour forks Malaysian brand Polygon springs to mind, but the frame in the story doesn’t seem to have the unique looking Polygon suspension platform.

And as far as we remember, Monkey Sauce is only associated with the Specialized Gravity Team and again the bike in the photo doesn’t look like a Demo.

The mystery deepens, but does bring us back to those original rumours we posted earlier in the year that there is a new downhill team planning to enter the UCI DH WC in 2020, could this be the first confirmation of that?

Even though we should be taking time off from 2020 Team Rumours for Christmas we will be keeping a close eye on leaks and rumours and bring them to you as soon as we discover them.

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    It looks like a Specialized Stumpjumper with the factory fitted frame protector and what looks like a curved brace where the shock should be. SRAM GX derailleur and maybe Magura brakes?

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