Crank Brothers Stamp 7

Crank Brothers Stamp 7 flat pedal review

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Is bigger really better? With a width of 114mm the Crank Brothers Stamp 7 pedals are considerably wider than most pedals on the market and definitely wider than anything I’ve ridden before.

  • Brand: Crank Brothers
  • Product: Stamp 7
  • Price: £159.99
  • From: Extra UK
  • Review by: Aran Francis for 2 months
Crank Brothers Stamp 7

This width, coupled with long pins means this is a pedal perfect for someone like me who wants to be nice and glued to the bike without having to defect to the dark side of clipless and piss off Sam Hill.

The 114mm/111mm platform fits 10 aggressive pins (on each side) as standard, but if these are too much for you, they have the flexibility of being adjustable and can be replaced with spare pins in the box. In terms of gripping the foot, these pedals do exactly what I want a flat pedal to do. They hold your feet in place firmly, allowing confidence over rough terrain, whilst not grabbing so tight that your feet are completely locked in, so when you put your foot back on the pedal at a weird angle you can move to where you want to be. For those who like their numbers, the concavity of the pedal is 2mm coupled with shorter centre pins together stopping these centre pins sticking up too far and causing any weird floating of the feet.

The main worry on a pedal this size is obviously pedal strikes and, whilst I did take a large chunk out of the asphalt when I was jibbing about in the car park before my first ride on them, once I got used to these limits the width was never really much of an issue. Obviously these pedals will be more prone to pedal strikes than a narrower pedal, however, to me this slight added risk is well worth the benefits.

The quality of these pedals sits relatively happily with its price tag. This price clearly does get you a high quality pedal in the stamp 7, with a lightweight 375g aluminium body which looks really classy, especially on this “Manny McAskill” signature model. The pedal uses a steel spindle and LL guide bearings with a grease port at the end of the spindle meaning it is easily serviceable, so if you are someone who looks after their pedals you should be able to make these ones last. The pedals also come with a 5 year warranty for manufacturing defects, not including normal wear and tear or if you have assembled them like a wally.


The Crank Brothers Stamp 7 pedals are great for those who want a top end, good quality, firm-gripping and confident pedal. While these pedals might not be optimal for tight tracks where you need that bit of extra clearance, unless super tight bike width tracks are all you ride, this pedal won’t really hold you back. I found them perfectly manageable when it does get a bit tighter, but someone with smaller feet may disagree – my big size 11s usually extend past the end of the pedal anyway so my poor feet will hit these obstacles before the pedal is even close.

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Review Info

Brand: Crank Brothers
Product: Stamp 7
From: Extra UK
Price: £159.99
Tested: by Aran Francis for 2

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  • Crank Brothers Stamp 7 flat pedal review
  • jimthesaint
    Free Member

    There seems to be hardly any exposed spindle with the body of the pedal right up against the crank, how much wider than ‘normal’ sized pedals are they? Compared to say a DMR Vault how much extra width are we talking once they are fitted?

    Full Member

    I’ll say this. I’m size 12/12.5 and was really interested to try these out. On every single ride I was getting pedal strikes, something I had not experienced previously on my Nukeproof Evo’s or had been too insignificant to notice. After two weeks using them, I was at the bike park and commented to a friend about how disappointed I was in them, literally an hour later I had a fair sized crash after clipping one on a rock and breaking off a pin. Back on my Nukeproofs and happy again.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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