Apidura Expedition Full Frame Bag

Apidura Expedition Full Frame Pack review

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The ability to carry up to 3L of water is the USP of the Apidura Expedition Full Frame Pack. Invaluable for the long distance rider.

  • Brand: Apidura
  • Product: Expedition Full Frame Pack
  • FromApidura
  • Price: £143.00
  • Tested: by Amanda for 3 months

Please note: Hydration Bladder is sold separately in two sizes: 1.5L £39.00, 3L £49.00

Things I loved:

  • Secure and neat fit
  • Internal divider makes it much easier to find your things without having to stop pedalling
  • Fully waterproof

Things I would change:

  • The hose port could be offset or at the top/front of the pack
  • Elasticated strap retention loops fall off really easily – could be tighter
  • Bladder should be included with a price to reflect that – it’s the best part of the bag
PlanetX Tempest size small/52 with Apidura Expedition Full Frame Pack 6L

Apidura is an independent family run business of cyclists. Function dictates design, and it only works on products that address genuine needs of bikepackers and cyclists. The products are built to last and be highly functional in all conditions, and in my experience with a selection of bikepacking frame packs from Apidura I would be extremely confident trusting any product from the brand.

The Apidura Expedition Full Frame Pack is a fully waterproof pack available in four sizes to suit most frame sizes. The top strap position is adjustable for a precision fit that works with any top tube bag you may have.

The Apidura Expedition Full Frame Pack comes in 6L, 7.5L, 12L and 14L, and to make sure you order the correct size for your bike there are tools on the website to help – an interactive sizing tool where you upload a photo of your frame, a size chart with measurements and even a printable template so you can be sure to get the correct size for your frame.

The pack features a removable internal divider that creates a shelf to help organisation, or to keep your items separate from your hydration bladder if you’re using one. There is an internal stealth zip pocket for valuables, just the right size for a passport, cash, keys and bank cards. Although it’s stealthy, it is very easy to access if you know it’s there – credit card bikepackers will know about that fine balance of convenience and security you need for your passport, since most accommodations want to see it.

There is an external pocket that is really easy to access whilst riding, or just keep the frequently needed essentials in, such as your phone. The zip is really smooth and has a big pull on it so you don’t have to take your eyes off the trail ahead to grab something out.

The hydration hose port, which could also be used for chargers, has a waterproof cover over it which works both when there’s a hose in or without.  I think it would be better placed at the top/front of the triangle but then I don’t know if that would interfere with some frame shapes or make it less water tight.

Hydration bladder

The bladder fits neatly at the base of the frame pack, keeping the weight of your fluids centred and low. It features a ziplock style closure that you then roll down and Velcro in place. There are two ways to refill it on the go; either by opening the zip on the side of the frame pack and pulling the top of the bladder out, or by detaching the hose (to save needing to reroute it). I’ve had to take the bladder out when using a hotel sink and not having a jug or bottle to refill with, but all other times I just filled via the zip pocket.

There are two hydration bladder sizes, and these are both compatible with all the bag sizes. I have the smallest available frame bag at 6L with the largest bladder at 3L, so in terms of frame bag space I’ve had the minimum amount and it has been ideal for my needs. A decent sized mini pump, a windproof jacket, all my tools and some spare gloves have all fit in with room to spare. The reason I went for the 3L bladder is because carrying enough fluids on longer trips is difficult, and this setup is a complete gamechanger in my opinion. Plenty of water, easy to access and easy to refill.


The structure of the Apidura Expedition Full Frame Pack holds its shape due to reinforced sections of outer material and well enforced edges and seams. It is completely waterproof and has never leaked on me. Once on the bike it is secure and unobtrusive, and even the smallest option at 6L can carry enough for a huge adventure, or make my commute to work that bit easier. The ability to carry up to 3L of water is the biggest selling point for me. Invaluable for the long distance rider.

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  • Apidura Expedition Full Frame Pack review
  • stanley
    Full Member

    Hi Amanda,
    The bike looks great with that set-up. I’ve always found Apidura to be well made and also love using a Tailfin system.
    What’s going on at the front though? Have you some sort of rack or support plate under the packs? Tell more!

    Full Member

    @stanley All will be revealed! But as a teaser, his name is Jack…

    Full Member

    Ah… I think I know!

    Full Member

    That’s pricey, better to go for a made to measure one by Alpkit

    Full Member

    check out camelchops, made in Scotland, bombproof and can getcustom, cheaper than the Apidura as well.

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