Yeti ASR is its lightest full suspension bike ever

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The latest Yeti ASR is a modern cross-country race bike with 115mm of flexstay delivered at the rear and a 120mm fork up front.

Yeti ASR in a nutshell

  • Lightest full suspension Yeti so far (1,448g T-Series Wireless frame w/o shock)
  • 115mm travel flexstay design
  • 120mm fork compatibility
  • 66.5° head angle
  • 75.5° seat angle
  • £13,990 ASR Ultimate only available in UK via special order
  • Yeti ASR T-Series frame £3,799
  • Yeti ASR T-3 complete £8,399
  • Yeti ASR C2 complete £5,499

As you can see from the pics, we had a pair of Yeti ASR bikes here at SIngletrack World HQ last week and I did indeed get a ride on one of them.

But… it was only one ride. And an incredibly wet ride at that. And on less-than-ideal tyres. So I’ll not attempt to pull any insight out of the experience.

Anyhoo… We’ll see about getting one in again for a decent amount of time. In the meantime, here are the deets from Yeti…

Edited highlights from the Press Release bumf:


Puts riders in a power position to efficiently spin, evenly weight the wheels for traction, and transition more smoothly from saddle to full-throttle sprinting.


Modern XC rewards brilliant passing, which takes brilliant cornering. The ASR’s forward-bias geometry delivers responsive steering and predictable characteristics to slash fast.


A bottom-bracket positioned high enough to pedal through rock gardens, but low enough to sit below the axles for rail-like cornering thanks to that coveted, “in bike” feel.

With 30% sag (yes, you read right), and a nearly linear leverage rate that compliments short-stroke shocks, small bumps and trail chatter dissolve. What’s left is a sprint efficient suspension, that also delivers 100% usable travel to meet the features and fringes on today’s XC courses.

Custom-tuned SIDLuxe FA, SIDLuxe ULT, and SID Luxe Select.

Yeti developed Compression stack and custom volume architecture to increase small bump compliance without sacrificing deep stroke control.

40mm shock stroke optimizes compression ratio to reduce end of stroke harshness inherent in small volume shocks. Higher compression ratios can prevent the rider from using full travel.

Flight Attendant controlled lockout lets you focus on the race on our T-Series Ultimate build.

3-Position TwistLoc Lockout on T-Series and C-Series upgrade builds.

Custom ply shapes, critical material choice, intelligent draping methods, and smooth transitions between every carbon ply have eliminated redundant carbon, giving radical strength for super lightweight.

36 unique layups during development.

We wanted to kill carbon redundancy everywhere, not just where it was easy. Our 20+ years of carbon fiber experience told us we could remove solid volume at pivots and still exceed the demands of XC, with no downside on performance or bearing life. Slimmed, solid-carbon dropouts cradle the axle with far less carbon for the same strength. More efficiency, better responsiveness, less weight.

In contrast to conventional pivot-placement methodology for longer travel applications, the ASR’s pivot points are positioned so that existing tubin walls make up a significant portion of their shape and structure. To further reduce redundant carbon, and save weight.

Size-specific stiffness

Every ASR frame has size-specific carbon schedules tuning at a much more sensitive level, and accurately matching torsional stiffness and chassis-flex profiles too.

T-Series Ultimate build features a dedicated frame optimized for modern, wireless drivetrains. In the process, we deliver the lightest frame in the ASR line-up by eliminating unnecessary cable ports.

Room for two water bottles keeps racers fueled for the biggest efforts. XS: 21oz on seat tube, 15oz on down tube. S-XL: 21oz on seat tube, 24oz on down tube.

Our custom, proprietary designed chainguide mounts efficiently into the lower pivot bolt for a lightweight, clean and effective solution.

28-36t Max (38t MD-XL) chainring compatability.

Clearance for a 2.4 tire with 30mm internal rims.

Chasing grams

Once we achieved our desired kinematics, we looked at how to shed weight with our link. This quest turned the one-piece 7075 aluminum alloy link on T-Series frames into a structurally rigid exoskeleton, as functional as it is sculptural. The ASR rear axle has been refined to shave excess grams without sacrificing stiffness.

To protect against rock strikes, the ASR features a replaceable downtube guard. Inset within the protector is our cable access door, facilitating easy service access to internally routed cables.

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  • Yeti ASR is its lightest full suspension bike ever
  • onewheelgood
    Full Member

    For the last few days these links haven’t worked for me (they haven’t been links), I have to navigate to the article. Anyone else?

    Full Member

    Yep, not loading up for me. Luckily for Trek, can’t afford anything from them anyway…

    Full Member

    Yeah, links not working for us either.

    Free Member

    Yeti ASR is its lightest full suspension bike ever

    and the most expensive?

    Loads of reviews these days are the lightest , bestest blah blah , but always forget the price tag bit

    Then the one people can afford is 20 times heavier and crap

    oh and the link doesn’t work

    Full Member

    and the most expensive?

    It’s the Olympics in what? A few months, every single XC bike that’s going to be released between now and then will have a Paris tax added to it. Then, which bike is under the riders on the podium places will be unavailable in any size, and everything else will be 25% off.

    Free Member

    Too expensive, and I bet it cracks really easily.

    Free Member

    I bet it cracks really easily.

    I used to have a previous generation. It was fast when it worked but I’m never having another Yeti while the current importers are still in charge of warranties

    Free Member

    Nice color.

    Full Member

    My 2010 ASR was probably the best bike I’ve ever had. Until the carbon chain stay cracked. They’re lovely things.

    Free Member

    Its a Yeti. Its their lightest full sus frame ever. I therefore give the frame a lifespan of 6 months before snapping. Complete crock of shite bike brand.

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