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Every issue of Singletrack mountain bike magazine comes in two versions: the standard edition – available at newsagents; and the Premier Edition. If you’re a subscriber to our print or digital magazine, it’s this extended Premier Edition of the magazine that you’ll be reading. Which means you already know that you’re getting more for your money. In case you hadn’t noticed, you also get better deals in our online shop.

From Issue 127, subscribers will be getting an even better deal, as the cover prices of individual magazines is rising to cover the increasing costs we’re facing. You can read more about that in Chipps’ Editorial in that issue.

In case you’re in any doubt as to whether it might be worth your while taking out a Singletrack mountain bike magazine subscription, we’ve rounded up all the Premier Edition extra content from the last year so that you can see what you’ve been missing out on. Of course, if you subscribe today, you’ll be able to catch up on it all, since subscribers also get access to back issues of Singletrack through our online archive.

Maybe you’re looking for the perfect gift for a mountain biker? Then surely here, you’ve found it. Read on!

Issue 122, December 2018

Risking It For Polish Champagne

Poland 122 Dorota Juranek

Dorota Juranek goes bike packing for the first time: in a Polish winter with three strangers. Just how uncomfortable can it be?

Climbing Up In Trentino, Stepping Back In Time

Pete Scullion Italy Trentino 122
A bit of a fixer upper?

History nerd Pete Scullion and trials rider Ali Clarkson take an off season tour of the monster ‘100km of Foritifications’ trail.

Last Word

Charlie the Bikemonger reveals his (inadvertent) criminal past.

Issue 123, February 2019

International Adventure: Budget Bolognese

Cheap uplift?

Sanny heads to Italy to experience a comfortable adventure without a painful credit card bill.

Pete’s Pros: Ruaridh Cunningham

Pete was given a head start to get this shot

Pete Scullion chases Downhill legend turned neo-enduro pro Ruaridh Cunningham around the trails of Innerleithen.

25 Years of Chipps

Issue 123 Moab Chipps
Which dates more, bikes or clothes?

Chipps has been a mountain bike journalist for 25 years this month. He takes us on a trip down memory lane, through a history of many coloured outfits and surprising hairstyles. Prepare to say ‘I remember that!’

Last Word

A spotter’s guide to mountain bike groups, by Adam Batty

Issue 124, April 2019

Behind the Scenes: Bounce Cycles

singletrack 124 bounce cycles
Just whipping up a somethingorother.

Barney checks out this suspension tuning, bike building, lathe turning hub of unexpected activities.

International Adventure: Vanlife, Whistler

singletrack 124 vanlife whistler Mountain bike magazine subscription
Morning clouds or escaping van fumes?

If you’re thinking of spending some time on the road, instagramming your adventures and living your best life, this tale of close proximity, smelly kit and car park views might give you the dose of reality you need to stick at the day job.

Pete’s Pros: Joe Barnes

singletrack 124 joe barnes Mountain bike magazine subscription
Slippers just out of shot.

Pete Scullion continues his series of riding with the pros, by donning baffies (slippers to you non Scots) and having a chat with the cheery cheeky chappie who’s having a change of scene this year.

Last Word

Will following half-heard directions in the woods lead Hannah to peril? Or pleasure?

Issue 125, June 2019

Pete’s Pros – Steve Pete

Mountain bike magazine subscription
Who’s he then?

Pete Scullion continues to ride with (or chase after) the professional riders of today. This issue, he’s talking to Steve Peat. You know who he is, right?

Interview: Jez Avery

Mountain bike magazine subscription
Lots of bedroom walls, right there.

We catch up with legend of the 1990s UK MTB scene ‘Jumping Jez Avery’, and discover that behind the stunt shows and bunny hops, there’s a whole other life.

UK Adventure: The Road to Thundergay

Mountain bike magazine subscription
Grey slickrock?

Sanny hops on a boat to Arran to check out the trails that are often overlooked by those going for the big obvious pointy hulk of Goat Fell.

Last Word

Mark swaps heated car seats and sunroof for a bike saddle and the open air in a move to become a daily bike commuter.

Issue 126, August 2019

Pete’s Pros – Rock[et] Science – Manon Carpenter

Mountain bike magazine subscription
Wildlife graffiti

Pete catches up with an enthusiastic and at peace Manon Carpenter on her South Wales home trails.

A Day In The Life Of… Fort William World Cup

Saskia Dugon Mountain bike magazine subscription
Its not all race faces.

Saskia Digon takes a look behind the scenes of Fort William’s biggest weekend of the year.

The Quiet Revolution

Mountain bike magazine subscription
Where now?

A safety and navigation essential for long-distance riding? Or another bleeping digital crutch for those who shouldn’t be in the wilderness in the first place? Rich Rothwell looks at the dramatic influence that GPS units have had on our sport.

Last Word

Hannah takes a mountain biker’s pilgrimage.

Thats a whole bunch of missing out you’ve been doing – or a whole bunch of getting more, depending on whether you’re a subscriber or not!

If you’re already a subscriber, thank you for continuing to support us and independent journalism. If you’d like to support us further, purchases from our shop help fund our work, and don’t forget to tell your riding friends about us!

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