Singletrack Issue 126 | The Quiet Revolution

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A safety and navigation essential for long-distance riding? Or another bleeping digital crutch for those who shouldn’t be in the wilderness in the first place? Rich Rothwell looks at the dramatic influence that GPS units have had on our sport.

Words Rich Rothwell Photography Singletrack

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Comments (3)

    some serious issues with the stories at the moment…. only getting the first by line of articles on most posts. Hope you find a way to fix it.

    @mcphisto are you logged in? And are you a paying subscriber? The magazine articles are only accessible to those with a digital or print subscription, rather than a free membership.

    Agree, mostly. However, many of the third party route planning software options will edit a GPX download. Best to download files directly to the device. On the Jennride, there were at least 4 different routes options through Hawkshead as software enacted ‘we know better’ route changes to the official GPX. Then there’s the ‘when the batteries fail’ scenario……

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