Singletrack Issue 126 | Rock[et] Science – Manon Carpenter

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Pete catches up with an enthusiastic and at peace Manon Carpenter on her South Wales home trails.

Words & Photography Pete Scullion

A shout from the front of our three-person train manages to find its way to my ears through the clatter of bikes and dust. “Watch out for the low tree!” yells former World Champion Manon Carpenter as she disappears rapidly round the next apex, despite being three hours deep into our ride.

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Comments (3)

    Is it just me, or does this article seem a bit short? [Viewing on mobile]

    Pete obviously wasn’t able to catch up with Manon if ” Watch out for the low tree!” is the full extent of the interview 😉
    Definitely a bit on the short side.

    You may not have caught this bit..
    “Sorry but this content is only available to our Premier Members.”

    This is a feature from issue 126 of Singletrack. Premier members only can see the full feature.

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