Singletrack Issue 124 : The Real World Of Vanlife

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Anna Cipullo lifts the lid on the realities of spending a dream holiday in a camper van across Canada with an adventure buddy… and a whole load of damp clothing. 

Words & Photography Anna Cipullo

Stunt Driver Tom Johnstone

As I scroll through the endless reels of glossy photos on social media, the ‘vanlife’ movement is in full effect with hipsters taking to vans for touring and alternative living like the ’60s are back in fashion. Blogs are awash with perfectly framed images of vintage VWs parked up on beaches with bikini-clad women contentedly performing yoga in the doorways, or parked up in Moab with an Evil Wreckoning hucking off the roof. These glamorous images conjure up aspirations of fun-filled lives free from the constraints of fixed abodes and nine-to-five jobs, with trails forever on your doorstep and jaw-dropping views at your bedside.

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