Singletrack Issue 125 | (Not) Catching Up With Peaty

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Pete Scullion catches up with Steve Peat, one of the most successful mountain bikers of all time, and a giant of the sport in many ways. 

Words & Photography Pete Scullion

steve peat scullion singletrack magazine issue 125

Rolling down Steve Peat’s driveway seems awfully familiar, although I’ve never set foot in this part of the world until now. The area that surrounds the house of one of our most famous cyclists has appeared in magazines and videos for around two decades – long before I turned my hand to the media side of riding.

The greeting at the door hammers home why he’s known by some as ‘The Big Man’. A slab chest precedes that iconic grin over the threshold, and at six foot three and fourteen odd stone, Steve has a foot and six stone on me. I’m offered a handshake, but warned to go easy following an excursion off the trials motorbike the previous day that has left his right thumb somewhat sore and swollen.

Coffee is poured and we retire to the conservatory, which is already warm enough courtesy of the strong late-March sun. Chat turns to jumps in the garden, parenting, Winter X Games wins and fails on a gold GT i-Drive, being overtaken by John Tomac in the air, and the plan for our day ahead.

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