After 18 months of thrashing, what does James have to say about the MK4 edition of the Burgtec Penthouse flat pedals? Read on.…

Sep 23rd 0
Production Privee Shan No 5 bike check News

Our very own social media man, Andi, was one of the first 50 people to buy the Production Privee Shan No5. See how he chose to build it in this bike c…

Sep 20th 2

Hup hup hup! We're half way through the year! Only 50% more Fresh Goods Fridays to come...…

Jun 16th 11

Just how wide is too wide, and how short is too short? Tom investigates the limits with a Burgtec bar and stem combo on his Yeti SB5c trail bike…

Oct 10th
Fresh Goods

From energy bars to handlebars, we've got you covered. It's Fresh Goods Friday!…

Jul 18th
Zaskar Trade Show

Part The First of the stuff that caught our eye at The Bike Place…

Feb 5th
Fresh Goods

Carbon forks for kids, shin-ripping pedals, disc brakes and posh wallets, plus a whole gallery of sports bras – just some of this week's highlights…

Jun 18th

What's that it's almost ride time? Let's get a look see at this week's Fresh Goods then head into the hills…

Aug 15th
Fresh Goods

More racey carbon, retro calendar, a lorra lorra locks, our new book and how to be a unicorn…

Nov 25th

Aug 24th

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