Bite-sized Bike Bling from the Bike Place 2016 – Part 1

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Earlier this week, we sent a delegation of Staff Minions down to BELOW THE WATFORD GAP to report on The Bike Place 2016 and the Core Bike 2016 trade shows. There was much in the way of prettiness on display; here’s the first missive from the Bike Place:


ZaskarWell, the GT Zaskar is looking rather lovely these days. This is the Carbon Expert, with a 120mm Reba, SLX, one-speed (with a cool looking chain guard), and a shorter stem and wider bars for the UK market, for £1,899.99. There’s a clear heritage, and (understandably) more than a few enormous differences with…ZaskarOoooh. To those of us of a certain age, this is the epitome of old-school bike porn; a US-made Zaskar LE (made with 6061 alu instead of the regular Zaskar’s 7005, alloy fans) from the early/mid nineties.ZaskarNot so sure about that stem though – that’s a 150mm tiller – which to be fair was long(ish) even back in the day.

For more details on GTs, click here.


Cannondale HabitThe Habit caught our eye – looks like a lot of fun, and somehow looks even better when it’s covered in mud. Details here.


Charge CookerOne-off Ti Cooker fatbike? Don’t mind if I do.


BurgtecDeveloped with the help of a certain Josh Bryceland, these Burgtec clipless pedals have no pins, to save on your shoe rubber (but still give you the support of a flat). The bolts are to attach chips to elevate the level of the pedal; they’ll be available in wither 1.5 or 3mm heights. Available April, price £119.99, from Burgtec

Maxxis Max Daddy

Maxxis TyreAs seen on a Belter, and only available at present from Early Rider, this is a new Maxxis MTB tyre for kids in a 20in size – the Max Daddy boasts 120TPI. Looks good.

Flare Clothing

Flare clothingFlare had a range of new gear on display. Ace-looking patterns…Flare clothing…for boys…Flare clothing…as well as girls. Jerseys will start at £30 for short sleeve, £40 for long sleeve – and there are shorts too (£70). More details from Flare.

Look out for more from The Bike Place and Core soon…

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    The retro Zaskar should be ball burnished and have a Mag21 on the front….

    Nah, purple or nothing! I remember being astounded that there was that much purple in the world at the time. I’ll give you the Mag21 spec though – Race ones in shiny please.

    The Habit looks ace.
    Burnished Zaskar with purple highlights FTW,
    However I also remember a bright blue one that was ace.

    Neither as nice as a P7 in Nickel with lumi Orange logo’s though….

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