Fresh Goods Friday

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Friday has spun round once again and the smell of freedom is in the air – or is it damp earth? Never mind all that, it’s time to down tools and have a look at all the shiny things that have landed in the office this week. Fresh Goods is here…

Felt Edict Pro

Another super light race bike has turned up for Issue 71’s grouptest. The Edict uses a full monocoque carbon fibre frame sporting 100mm of travel front and rear using their ‘Felt Active Stay Technology’ suspension system – that’s FAST to you. Using a linkage to drive the shock and a single pivot mounted slightly above and in front of the BB, the design uses flex in the chain and seat stays to provide the movement needed.

Price: £3,399.00

From: Saddleback

There’s a full Shimano XT groupset on there, from wheels to brakes. Trail double chainset up front provides all the gears you need for going fast.

You don’t see carbon fibre frames with the outer weave on show any more – and that’s a shame. Tapered headtube with internal bearings keep it looking nice and clean. Fox Float forks have remote lockout and Float RP23 BV shock offers your pick of ProPedal settings and rebound.

Hard to make out, but there’s little kevlar chain guard hidden behind the chainstay. Neat.

Rubber armour on the downtube should reassure anyone that’s a bit nervous about rock strikes and carbon…

Burgtec RideWider bars

It could be argued that Burtec kicked off the wide bar revolution with the RideWider bars, but after a while they’ve found that 750mm was been left looking a little narrow compared to the rash of even bigger bars cropping up all over the place. The bars are now available in a full-fat 780mm width and in two different rises; 15mm for the low crowd and 30mm for the high bar trend that’s bound to be around the corner.

Magic numbers are a sweepy 9 degrees back with 4 degrees up and Burgtec say they’re tested to MotoX standards. Conveniently they have cut down marks on them and the 15 and 30mm rise versions weight  310g and 330g respectively.

Price: £79.99

From: Burgtec

Frankly Neobi 200 base layer

Matt is thinking hard about the benefits of the Frankly base layer’s use of soft Merino next to the skin with an organic cotton outer layer. Will it provide the benefits of wicking and wind chill protection they claim? Is it as durable as they reckon. This ‘200’ model uses lighter weight fabric that’s designed to feel like you are wearing a mid weight tee shirt, and they reckon it’s ideal for warm to temperate climates and use as an underlayer in Winter months.

Price: £59

From: Frankly

Pearl Izumi Launch Long Sleeve jersey

Part of Pearl Izumi’s All-Mountain collection, this zippered jersey has a cut that’s somewhere nicely between spray on and clown baggy. We’re fans of the styling and colourways and it’s made from ‘P.R.O. Transfer’ fabric which is said to be excellent at ventilation and wicking moisture from our sweaty selves.

Price: £TBC

From: Madison

Pearl Izumi Impact Long Sleeve V-neck jersey

This jersey is made from ‘ELITE Transfer’ material of a slightly heavier weight…

Price: £TBC

From: Madison

Matt’s always wanted to be an extra in some old science fiction. Logan’s Run, Battlestar Galactica; it didn’t matter. All he wanted was a nice uniform and a light weapon of his very own.

Kryptonite Locks

No, we’re not working on a Houdini-style routine and Chipps isn’t going to be hanging from a box over the Rochdale Canal looking all mysterious with drawings on his hand; the lovely people at Kryptonite have send us enough locks and chains to secure the many bikes that live in our office.

From: Madison

Kryptonite Gripper combination padlock

A load of 50mm hardened steel combination locks to secure lots of chains – and without the ever present danger of losing the keys…

New York Fahgettaboudit chain and padlock 100 cm

Designed to keep your motorbike secure, this lock claims to be the ultimate lock for high theft areas, approved to Gold Sold Secure standard. The 11 mm six sided chain links are made of triple heat-treated boron manganese and the narrow inner width of individual links defends against leverage attacks. The included New York disc lock has a 14mm hardened steel shackle with hardened steel sleeve over crossbar for double security and a double deadbolt locking for extensive holding power.

Price: £124.99

From: Madison


Kryptoflex cable lock 30 feet

Ideal for passing through a number of frames and wheels, this has a 10mm braided steel core with looped ends and weatherproof vinyl coating.

Price: £34.99

From: Madison


Kryptonite New York Chain 1217

A few of these 12mm six-sided, chains made of hardened manganese steel with their Evolution series 4 Disc Lock should stop all but the most determined…

Kryptonite Stronghold ground anchor

No point having all those chains if you haven’t got something solid to attach them to (although the weight is quite staggering) and this rather permanent ground anchor does the trick. It’s designed to be mounted into concrete with the expanding bolts provided. Thanks to the folding steel loop, it’s safe to drive or walk over when not in use and it too has a Gold Sold Secure rating. Possibly not the best if you rent rather than own…

Price: £59.99

From: Madison

Blame The Dog: Mike Ferrentino 2007-2009

This is the first proper, print book that we’ve published! Containing all of Mike Ferrrentino’s ‘Blame The Dog’ magazine columns from 2007-2011, you can sit down and enjoy the musings of the ex-Bike editor, inventor of singlespeeding (which he consistently denies) and current Santa Cruz marketing guy without having to have any electricity near you.

Price: £4.99 – or free with any print subscription bought between now and Christmas.

From: Singletrack Shop

Prendas Ciclismo ‘les mémoires du peloton’ 2012 calendar

This rather retro calendar contains almost forty years-worth of classic road racing images of the heroes of the sport, from Merckx to Cavendish. Printed in the UK on quality 250gm Satimat silk paper and spiral bound each month features a former World Champion suffering nobly…

Price: £9.95

From: Prendas

Mammut Lucido TR1 headtorch

Ideal for carrying in your rucksack as a back-up light or for use during camping or bivvying, the TR1 has four LEDs and will run for 60 hours on the lowest setting or 25 on high using three AAA batteries. It’s bright enough to be used as a bike headlight in an emergency and the angle of the head can be tweaked to direct the light.

Price: £34.99

From: Mammut

We absolutely love the Ambient Light adaptors, which clips onto the torch and turns it into a little lantern. Handy for reading…

…even better for pretending to be a unicorn.


Comments (14)

    Nice chapel hatpegs, cold was it Matt?

    gab344 – Johhny had prepared me . ;]

    I like those safe-style combo locks – can you crack them with a stethoscope?

    Where can I get a set of those nipples?

    The felt is gorgeous 🙂

    All a bit pornographic this week… it’ll be a bit embarrassing when my wife accuses me of ‘spending too much time on the bloody computer watching filthy bike porn again’, I wont know where to look !

    he said “colourways”
    shocking 😯

    Felt has ditched the equilink, at least on the XC race bike?

    “You don’t see carbon fibre frames with the outer weave on show any more”
    Is it a paint effect or the actual ‘weave’?
    I know mine must be a paint effect as I’ve plenty of lacquer chips deeper than the ‘carbon effect’

    I have magazines back to 2006ish, does this mean I already have all the Blame the Dog articles?

    Oh and the carbon weave below the lacquer on my frame doesn’t look like the felt.

    Also, is the pic on the computer screen rushop edge?

    Could you ask the “lovely people at Kryptonite” who stocks the comination padlocks in the UK. Havent been able to find them anywhere.

    Yes, this is a compilation print edition of the articles. As you’re a Premier user you can have a look at the digital version right now.

    James – usually it’s a cosmetic layer of carbon fibre material that you see under the laquer. Felt haven’t ditched Equilink – they use it on their longer travel offerings. They reckon that their FAST system is better for a short travel bike…

    (and yes, it is Rushup Edge – for the Peak District ‘Classic Ride’ in Issue 70..)

    Any idea when issue 70 is due out. Issue 69 said it was due november 24th?

    Hi James,
    Sorry about the incorrect date in issue 69. Seems like the ‘to print’ date was confused with the on sale date. Issue 70 has the on sale date of 8th December 2011.

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